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  • sal(the original)

    i effin love ugly betty

  • CitizenGeek

    Hah, the only person who thinks Michael Urie’s sexuality is “ambiguous” is Michael Urie.

  • dk

    How is he being “ambiguous”? He just doesn’t want to limit himself professionally by being typecast. In this day of web cams and video cell phones I’m glad there are still celebrities out there who are interested in maintaining their privacy. Just because you watch someone on tv that doesn’t give you the right to know every intimate detail about the lives they lead.

  • Rick

    WhoTF is he?

  • Washington


    OOOO, SNAP! You sure brought him down a notch or two!

  • ceazer

    I can’t stand girlie gay men!They are a major turn off!

  • Fitz

    @ceazer: Oh good. That’s original. To hate an effeminate male is a brand new idea. All men must act a certain way, or they deserve to be beaten and tied to a fence post to die, is that it?

  • Joe Mama

    Well said Fitz. I feel sorry for people who have so habitualized their sexuality that they can only be attracted to one type of guy. There’s such a lovely variety of flavors out there.

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