PHOTOS: Mike Ruiz Shoots Martha Wash And Deluge Of Hunks For “It’s Raining Men” Anniversary

We stopped by Manhattan’s Eagle Nest Studio recently to catch celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz shooting Martha Wash for the 30th anniversary of the Weather Girls’ classic hit, “It’s Raining Men.”  The concept, says Ruiz, was “Martha along with several insanely gorgeous men,” (A little complicated, no?)

During the shoot, Mike reflected on being a young gay man and hearing “It’s Raining Men” playing at Le Garage in Montreal: “I just about lost my cookies when it came on. Afterwards, every time I would hear it, I would mow people down to get to the dance floor!” Written by Paul Schaffer and Paul Jabara and sung by Wash and Izora Armstead, “Men” was nominated for a Grammy nomination and remains a disco hit and gay anthem to this day. The new club remixes, with Mike’s hot album cover, will be available this summer.

Click through for more photos from Mike Ruiz’s “It’s Raining Men” photo shoot


Photos: Jeffrey James Keyes


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  • EdWoody

    “several insanely gorgeous men” – actually there’s not a one of them I wouldn’t put a brown paper bag on their head.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    @EdWoody: That is a jerky thing to say. These guys may be nice guys. No reason for shade here.

  • EdWoody

    @Jose Rodriguez: I never said anything about whether they were nice or not, and neither did the article. It claimed they were “gorgeous” – I disputed that.

  • Chadboy

    I agree. Of all the men in NYC to choose from and this is the best they can do? Weird that they don’t even have one black guy.

  • timncguy

    They might look better if you gave them a bath. Do you supposed they “dirtied” them up so they would have an excuse to use the dirt to “accentuate” their abs?

  • Nut Busters

    Stop all the Bullying!! It doesn’t sound jealous at all….really.

  • okokoko

    @Chadboy: i agree,that’s the first thing i said when seeing this ,but at least they make it up with one asian guy :P

  • JP

    #13 looks really hot. Wondering who is he? But nice to see they included #14 as variety.

  • Brand

    We really need to start taxing carbon if this is how dirty the men rain nowadays.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    Wow, a lot of hate rolling around here. I love how one of the guys spewing it used the wonderful logic of “who cares if they are nice, I am just saying they are ugly in response to a comment in the article”. This is why people think gays are vapid.

  • Dirty Ole Man

    @Jose Rodriguez: please don’t use big words I dont get it!

  • Christopher

    Yes, to the dirt “accentuating” the abs (and shoulders, pecs, etc.)
    Something we should keep reminding ourselves of when we find ourselves ‘wishing WE looked like’ some fitness-ie model.
    They don’t really look quite like that in real life. It is standard in the industry to ‘highlight’ muscles by using a slightly darker medium to sort of ‘outline’ them. It is usually done in a much more subtle, un-noticeable manner.

    #1 EdWoody simply makes the point (in perhaps a little less kindly manner) that I tried to make a bit ago (and was summarily bashed for). That of the dispairity between what the Queerty (there, I spelled it right this time. Is your world all rosy and complete now this time??)headlines, or captions promise, and what they deliver.

  • LeNair Xavier


    How can Mike Ruiz hold a photoshoot for “It’s Raining Men”, in NYC of all places, and have not 1 BLACK MODEL?!

    The hate that’s going on about this photoshoot is JUSTIFIED. For with the absence of Black models, this photoshoot in no way stays true to the original video which had a rainbow of skin tones. And the last time I check, the name of the song is “It’s Raining Men”, NOT “It’s Raining Light Complexioned Men”. Therefore that includes Black men. The original video stayed true to the title. So why can’t Mike Ruiz and Martha Wash if this video is suppose to be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the song?

    And the narrow-minded actually have the nerve to wonder why Blacks don’t get involved in gay causes?! As long as Blacks continue to be treated as if we are not smart or beautiful enough like we are still in pre-Civil Rights Movement America, the absence of Blacks from being warrior for the gay rights will continue. And this is another case of the typical gay American being his own worst enemy. FOR THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS.

    And some may try to brush this off by saying, “It’s just a photoshoot.” But the fact is that it is a sign of a much bigger problem….How gay media helps in making the rainbow flag a “Faux Rainbow” for the LGBT community.

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