Love wins

PHOTOS: MJ Rodriguez introduces fans to her adorable boyfriend

File this under: Aww! Pose actress (and 2020 Queerties nominee) MJ Rodriguez took Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to introduce fans to her boyfriend, and even Cupid’s biggest cynics are sure to be happy for the couple.

Accompanying a montage of photos and clips set to the song “Where The Dream Takes You” by Mya, Rodriguez wrote:

“They’ll try to hold you back , They will say your wrong, but they will NEVER UNDERSTAND, the journey that your on”

Baby I wouldn’t choose it any other way. I love you. I feel like I can be my truest self when I am around you. You have shown me what love truly looks like when it’s balanced and easy.

I’m so proud to call you my Valentine but most importantly my boyfriend. You are always rooting me on, you always make sure my physical, my spiritual and and my mental state is okay.

I’m so appreciative of you. #happyvalentinesday I LOVE YOU Stephen”


Rodriguez didn’t tag Stephen in the video so we can’t take a deep dive to see if he’s posted any more shots of the pair, but the supportive comments came rolling in on the post.

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Fellow Pose actress Angelica Ross and Janet Mock both replied with heart-eyes emojis, while Matt Wilkas opted for a series of hearts — we’re picking up on a theme.

But the best comment came from Dominique Jackson, who plays “Elektra” on Pose:

We couldn’t have said it any better.