PHOTOS: Mr. Black Comes To San Francisco And Brings Out The Stylin’ Club Kids


Eyes were wide and tongues were wagging on Thursday night at San Francisco’s Mr. Black party at Rebel club, where the waiters were clad only in top hats, bow ties and rather low-tied black aprons. By the end of the night, more people were posing for photos with the male assets than with each other. (See slide #10.)

San Francisco has garnered a reputation for turning out some seriously fierce club kids, drag queens and performance artists. So perhaps it was inevitable that New York’s infamous Mr. Black party would eventually arrive to add color to the scene—and provide yet another reason to dress up. The Mr. Black crew had been courting SF nightlifers for some time and was finally given a home at the groovy Castro club by promoter Joshua J.  So, give yourself over to the ferocious realness that is Mr. Black.

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photos by Attic Floc