PHOTOS: Naked Rowers Fighting Homophobia, One Nude Tweet At A Time [NSFW]


Photo: Facebook

PHOTOS: If you aren’t following the garment-challenged gentlefellows of UK’s Warwick Rowing Club on Twitter, it’s time to re-evaluate your life choices. Well-known for their penchant for nudity in the name of charity, the rowers are donating a portion of the funds raised from their annual naked calendar to Ben Cohen’s anti-bullying StandUp Foundation. And they like to give a little taste of the calendar via their Twitter account — a sort of a-nude-bouche, if you will. Meanwhile, this year, the ladies of Warwick are getting in on the action for the first time, stripping down for a calendar of their own with sales going towards Macmillan Cancer Support. Check out some tweeted pics of the rowers in all their homoerotic glory — even better, some of them are actually gay.

h/t: BuzzFeed

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