PHOTOS: Nasty Pig Celebrates Gay Pride In New York

On June 21, beefy boys and their admirers hit Nasty Pig in New York’s Chelsea gayborhood for the store’s 18th annual Pride celebration. There was no Big Bad Wolf in sight, but lots of little piggies were on hand to mix and mingle with the staff and owner David Lauterstein, including promoter Brian Rafferty, adult-film star Samuel Colt, rapper Stose, YRB’s Darius Baptist and a whole sty of Nasty Pig models. Soo-ey!

Click through for more images from Nasty Pig’s Pride celebration.

Got  your own Pride pics? Enter them in GayCities Pride Photo Challenge to win great prizes.

 Photos: Michael Alexander for Nasty Pig


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  • Alan

    HOT HOT Hawwwwwwwwt!

  • Daez

    It is nice to see some real men on QT for a change instead of prepubescent hairless wonders who spend way to much time at the gym.

  • Kamikapse

    Always funny to see how hairy and ugly supposedly equals real men.

  • Ernst

    @Kamikapse: For your sake, I hope you’re either very pretty or very rich.

  • Daez

    @Kamikapse: Does being outside of your little twink fantasy boy world upset you? You do know that no matter how hard you work out and how much you shave, you will eventually lose your looks. Enjoy your early 20s when they last.

    @Ernst: My guess is he is neither but idolizes people that are. In my experience, people that are truly secure in their looks do not need to attack everyone else around them.

  • Spike

    Wow, who got the pics of all the hairy gay guys past the Queerty censors?

  • Joseph


  • Ugly

    Wow, these guys are really ugly!

  • Daez

    @Ugly: Obvious trolls are obvious!

  • Gauthier

    Holy wow. What is happening to Queerty? I saw at least ten guys that need to sit on my face, they’re all so… DIVERSE!?

  • Jose Rodriguez

    Seems like a fun party.

  • willie

    A little soap would go a long way with this crowd. Eeewwww!

  • Jay

    These guys are fugly! Nasty pig is overpriced clothing. LMAO Joseph I saw that youtube video.

  • MikeinBmore

    i wouldn’t say these guys look more “real” than the usual guys on Qweerty. I wouldn’t say being old, heavy and/or into fisting makes someone more “real” than a skinny guy….who’s into fisting.

  • Halston

    @Kamikapse: I wouldn’t say that these guys are ugly, but they do represent more of the type of guys that you see on the street everyday, as opposed to the overly manicured guys you see in mags, calendars, and on sites like Queerty. I like a more masculine looking guy, but most of the guys in this photo set I wouldn’t be attracted to-with the exception of the guy in the first pic with the mustache. But, I wouldn’t call them ugly.

  • Jonny


    Jeez, dude, you sound like a bigoted ‘macho’ father who keeps sacred scrolls of all the things “real men” do and don’t do. Why don’t you opt to retire idiotic qualifiers like “real” or “natural.” As history shows, such words weren’t used too kindly with regard to queer folk.

  • Jay

    A LOT of these men have protease face which isn’t that surprising.

  • shockabilly

    OMG the second picture you titled “Rapper Stose and adult-film star Samuel Colt with friend”, the “friend” is porn star Chris Porter though he looks irrecognizable. He looks like an older, wasted version. What has happened? He looks really weird and balloned, tired… I’m in shock

  • Xtincta

    @Daez: Oh I see Tearing people down to try and build yourself up? Yet you wonder why your kind isn’t promoted more on Queerty and other websites…..

  • Superman

    That first Latino guy on the left in the wifebeater can shove his chorizo in any and all of my superholes any effin’ time he wants. Yow!

  • Nick

    Wow, I can’t believe there is so much homophobia within the LGBT community. Everyone is not into the same type of man, so everyone needs to chill the fuck out! If you like young, hairless twinks, that is fine, just realize that twinks get older/hairy. If you like a more hairy, unkept looking, more realistic everyday guy, that is cool to. This is what makes the world go around, not everyone likes the same thing, once everyone understands this concept, we all will get along very well!

  • Me

    I think I just turned straight.

  • arcade fireman

    What happened to Stose/Chris Porter? He looks bloated and haggard. Is he fairly young???

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