PHOTOS: Naughty Crotch Stories at “Cocktales” in LA

If there’s one topic of conversation gay men can’t get enough of, it’s penises. All shapes, all sizes, all colors and configurations, we just can’t hear enough about them.

And that’s probably why a standing-room-only crowd filled Los Angeles gay dive Akbar this weekend for Cocktales, an evening of performance art dedicated to the male member, curated by local queer art hero Steven Reigns. Take a stroll through our photos for a glimpse at what gay guys have to say when they think about what’s between their legs.


We asked Ruben, Ian, and Beamer what their favorite phallic symbols are. Obelisks and flagpoles came out on top.



Host Steven Reigns welcomes the pervy audience.



What’s your favorite phallic symbol, Brian Frank and Chris? “Bananas” was their response.



We asked Bill and Travis what phallic symbols they like best. “The Washington Monument” and “all of them” were their responses.



Tim and Cody like the Washington Monument as well. It’s a popular building.



Dudley and Danny are also fans of great architecture — in particular the Empire State Building.



Local astronaut Ian MacKinnon proclaims an end to bigotry thanks to the love of penises.



Ian parades down the aisle.



The adorable Torrie Gregor confesses an obsession.



Gay Pimp Jonny McGovern serenades the crowd about finding a familiar dick on Craigslist.



Jonny recalls the sense of accomplishment he felt after taking a particularly big one.



Boylesque performer Wes Would reveals the prize concealed in his package.



Wes teases the onlookers.



An audience member wins a fabulous raffle prize: a pair of rubber feet. Okie dokie.

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  • carey579

    lol every single gay man has facial hair nowadays o_O

    Soon it will be our stereotype if it hasn’t already.

  • LandStander

    @carey579: Do you EVER comment about ANYTHING else???

  • Mezaien

    @LandStander: HAHAHAH it`s OK not to like hairy men. I am the biggest sucker when it come to black and Latinos hairy men M m m m.

  • stranded


    Wasn’t it the stereotype in the 70? Then in the 90s it was all about the skinny fresh faced twink look. All trends come in cycles.

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