PHOTOS: Nerds Rejoice! Gay Gaymer Convention will Return in 2014

Following the huge success of this summer’s Gaymer Connect conference in San Francisco, organizers have embraced the same savvy strategy as game developers: start work on a sequel.

GaymerX2 will return to SF in July of 2014, bigger and better and nerdier than ever. They’re moving out of Japantown and into a bigger hotel in SoMa (epicenter of the city’s dwindling leather bars, FYI).

A nicer venue, better food, and more speakers await attendees. And that’s not all: they’ll also host a wedding. You might’ve seen the adorable bears who got engaged during a panel talk at the first con. Well, they’ll be getting hitched at GaymerX2. (In addition, one assumes, to a more private ceremony with family.)

As for us, we’re mostly looking forward to expended cosplaying opportunities. How many sexy Nesses will we see this time around?

You can pick up badges and book your hotel rooms today — or start planning your couch-surfing now. See you there!

Click through below for some of our favorite cosplayer pics from the first con.


Here’s Dante. Perhaps you’ve heard of his inferno? Anyway, he and his lovely friend are melting our hearts.