WATCH: New Magic Mike Striptease Video, Poster


We know Warner Bros is hoping Magic Mike being big with the ladies—you know, Claymates and women still care who People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive is—but they’re smart enough to know their main shot at some serious box office is with the gays. Why else do you think Channing Tatum is on the cover of Out magazine and the movie is opening right around Pride?

The studio has just released an exclusive clip of Channing Tatum and the boy stripping to “It’s Raining Men” (above), plus some new stills and the official Magic Mike movie poster (below), which sports the catchphrase:  “Work All Day. Work It All Night.”

Meh. We’re not bowled over—it’s a little “PTA mom with a box of Pinot.”

If you really want to get the gays’ attention you gotta come up with something a bit spicier, like “The buns are free, but the meat costs extra” or “Come spend a night in Heaven. He gets off at 2.”

What say you, Queerty readers—can you come up with a catchy tagline for what’s bound to be the guilty-pleasure eye-candy movie of the summer?

Photo: Warner Bros.