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We know Warner Bros is hoping Magic Mike being big with the ladies—you know, Claymates and women still care who People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive is—but they’re smart enough to know their main shot at some serious box office is with the gays. Why else do you think Channing Tatum is on the cover of Out magazine and the movie is opening right around Pride?

The studio has just released an exclusive clip of Channing Tatum and the boy stripping to “It’s Raining Men” (above), plus some new stills and the official Magic Mike movie poster (below), which sports the catchphrase:  “Work All Day. Work It All Night.”

Meh. We’re not bowled over—it’s a little “PTA mom with a box of Pinot.”

If you really want to get the gays’ attention you gotta come up with something a bit spicier, like “The buns are free, but the meat costs extra” or “Come spend a night in Heaven. He gets off at 2.”

What say you, Queerty readers—can you come up with a catchy tagline for what’s bound to be the guilty-pleasure eye-candy movie of the summer?

Photo: Warner Bros.

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  • timncguy

    When compared to the others, Matthew McConaughey just looks greasy and sleazy.

  • jj

    I wish this film would go away. It’s insulting to see the way the studio marketing people are bombarding gay males with this product. Two hours of men emasculating themselves for women. Wouldn’t watch it for free.

  • MJ

    I have one. ugh

  • ronnie

    This movie looks like it was produced by Lifetime…meh!

  • Spike

    Hasn’t this movie opened and closed already? And whats with the str8t girl that Queerty hired that keeps posting stuff on this movie, the only gays that will be going to this lame movie are the closeted republicans and catholic types. This movie has zero gay appeal.

  • Roger

    Lighten up you guys. I know some people who worked on the movie and believe me, they are in on the joke. It ain’t high art. It’s supposed to be a fun, silly, summer movie.

  • MikeE

    the little neurotic person who lives in my head cant help but notice that first poster… how every actor’s name is over the correct image… except for McConaughey and Pettyfer, who have names/photos reversed.

    and I can’t agree more that no matter what they do, McConaughey still looks like a total greaser.

  • whogonchkmeboo

    That’s marketing to the gay community- via a
    62yr old straight male- for ya…BARF!

  • Frank

    Whoever finds McConaughey hot must have brain damage or a visual impairment

  • RLS

    God, this is a movie with zero gay characters and zero gay content being so aggressively marketed to the gay male community that it’s starting to get annoying.

    There’s no way I’m going to see this crap. I LOATHE straight male worship by gay men, and I won’t be a part of it. It’s all so very 1993.

  • Christopher

    [email protected]jj: yes shame on the terrible marketing people for pumping advertising dollars into gay press and programming. And where oh where did they get the idea that gay men might like this movie, gay media is usually so demure and proper, we shun depictions of male nudity.

    Like or don’t like the movie, but pretending that it’s insulting to market this to gay men is a little silly. I personally think its a great sign of the times, never before can I remember a mainstream studio, and mainstream MALE stars market so blatantly and openly to the gay community, I honestly don’t remember a male star saying in interviews the things that Channing Tatum and Joe manganiello have been saying,

    Like anything, some people will like the movie, and some won’t. I suspect there will be many who come on here and post how insulting it is, and then be first in line to see it when it comes out. I also imagine it will do incredibly well on DVD as compared to actual box office. Personally, I will probably see it in a theatre, just my little part to prove the effectiveness of mainstream marketing to the gay community.

  • Christopher

    @RLS: No gay characters and no gay content can be said about many movie that have become iconic to the community, so who cares if there are no gay characters? I as a gay man realize that people like me only represent about 4% of the population, so realistically, I won’t be represented in absolutely everything. That doesn’t affect the quality of the movie, as a matter of fact with one exception, none of my all time favorite movies have gay characters.

  • Jakey

    I feel like I’m the only person in the country who wants to see this because it’s a Steven Soderbergh movie.

  • RLS

    @Christopher: Yeah, I get what you’re saying but this is different. It’s different when something like a Showgirls becomes a gay camp classic because of an overwhelming gay sensibility, but this is a story with zero gay characters and zero gay content being aggressively pimped to the gay community so we can drool over the straight studs. I find it pandering and offensive, really. I have a big problem with our community’s obsession with straight men in general.

  • LeoMarius

    Conversation with bf:

    me: Channing Tatum is doing an autobiographical film.
    bf: what has done Tatum done that is so interesting?
    me: it’s about his life as a stripper
    bf: That sounds awesome!

  • dvlaries

    Yeah, I’m not interested either. After Brokeback Mountain, we do not have to retreat to financially underwriting this kind of jiggle-nonsense and lame comedies like “I Now Pronounce You Hank & Larry,” just because they’re pseudo-gay somethings.
    Having experienced the majesty and diginity with which movies can be made for us, why stand in line for the second-rate?

  • Raymond Saint-Pierre

    In case some of you missed it, Matt Bomer is gay. Whether he is gay in the movie, I’ll wait for the late night movies” appearance, if I live that long! WTFDIK

  • darkorient

    If they’re trying to be sexy, they’re failing. I need more sleaziness before I can be convinced to go to the cinema and watch it *barfs*

  • White Homophobia

    I don’t know why the advertisers think they can appeal to gay men and straight women at the same time as if we’re remotely the same.

    If you want a gay audience you better make the movie G A Y. And that doesn’t mean two random gay background characters playing bit roles no one cares about in some forgettable side story.

  • Daez

    @dvlaries: Why would you EVER put forth Brokeback Mountain as the quintessential gay film. It absolutely was not. The fact that it did so well was evidence of the fact that it was toned down and presented mostly to straight girls who would drag their boyfriends to see it.

    If you want to talk about real gay movies there is a long list and Brokeback Mountain, no matter how well it did in Hollywood just is not on it.

    Magic Mike and Brokeback Mountain actually have a lot in common. Both presented no real gay substance but plenty of likeable male stars for straight women and gay men to fawn over.

  • Daez

    @Frank: I agree. He has a great body, but that face could kill. Literally. It is like the face of Medusa.

  • Davidjo

    How is it humanly possible for Matt Bomer to get hotter every day!

  • JP

    The guys are hot but sadly, I don’t feel like watching this movie. While they included Alex Rodriguez as a minor character to appeal to audience with different ethnicity, I wished they could have included a gay character as well. Wouldn’t do much harm when the male characters are so sexed up already.

  • MJ

    how can I say this: while I’m happy that they’re trying to advertise to gay men more, if Joe Manganiello and Adam Rodriguez do not bare any ass shots, then I’m not seeing it

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