PHOTOS: New Site For Gay Dads Shows How Awesome Gay Families Can Be

coloring bookToday we bring you the story of GayDadSwag.com, a new social networking site for gay guys raising families. Try not to be put off by the name and just focus on how great these guys are.

“GayDadSwag is a social movement for gay dads, their families, and supporters around the world,” write the founders.

“By leading new & original projects, partnering with interested organizations, and harnessing support from our Straight & LGBT allies, we are striving to empower gay families worldwide as we unify people of all orientations.” Sounds good to us!

For now, the site features photos and videos of gay-headed households.

There are vacation pictures, testimonials from kids, and reviews of family-friendly books and films. (Well, just one book so far. Bear with them. The site’s brand new.)

The real highlight of the site is seeing what gay-dad families look like: diverse, happy, healthy, secure. We’ve gathered a bunch of nice portraits below.

miami dads

Miami dads kicking back and being rad!



Some nice family art from Amsterdam. Does anyone know the artist?


easter egg dads

Here’s a family at Pride and the Easter Egg Roll. AHHHHH, TOO CUTE!


portland dads

A well-dressed family from Portland. We hate to lean on stereotypes, but it’s probably true that if you are raised by gay dads you are more likely to be raised around some very excellent fashion sense.


halloween dads

A fantastic family at Halloween!



Miami dads again! (See? Florida’s not all bad.)


la dads

And here’s a loving family in Los Angeles. Cute dads, cute kids, cute family. Yay!