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  • MikeUK

    Silly womyn.

  • Clay


    Did you even read the text? It’s not Lesbian exclusive by any means (see the gay men and mtf trans persons that are in some of the pictures).

    So we should bunch the whole of issues and interests of all non-heterosexuals into one gay parade (which lez be honest, is usually a sausage fest)? NY city is big enough to have multiple seperate voices to more specific issues. If 20,000 Lesbians can organize every year, they deserve to have their own deal.

  • JT

    Lesbians do not deserve to have their own parade. A token MTF doesn’t count as most lesbians are highly transphobic and biphobic.

  • Nicole

    Lesbians deserve the march they organize and attend every year.

    Marshals and organizers do not tell participants how they identify, don’t impose their ideas or assume that marchers are male or female or bi or trans, and don’t kick people out of the march. This bi/transphobia is a complete misconception that is easily dispelled by attending the march, or as Dustin notes, just viewing this slideshow. Say what you like about the march; it has brought joy to lesbians and all kinds of people for the last 20 years.

    Lesbians are awesome and so is this march.

  • R.A.

    I don’t blame them.

    Trying to compete for attention with drag queens is a bitch.

  • Clay


    -_- Again, not a lesbian exclusive thing, Again 20,000 people. You might as well say there shouldn’t be a St. Patricks Day parade, because Irish people don’t deserve special treatment. Nahhhh, let’s just have one big parade for all caucasian ethnic groups.

    You’re stereotyping lesbians, and discounting evidence that goes against your view. It would quite a thing, if the photographer happened to snap a shot of the single “token” trans person in the entire parade. It’s not like the supreme council of lesbianism decided to let a lone trans person, a lone gay man, and a lone straight person march with some 19,997 lesbians. The march is varied and is not a display of lesbian secession from the queer community.

  • Mimi

    @Dustin: Yea, so transphobic they have a Free Cece sign.

  • Brandon

    Mimi-That’s nice that they want to support a murderer. Cece belongs in prison and should be there since her actions are those of a murderer and went way beyond self defense.

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