PHOTOS: Cosplay And Cuties At New York Comic Con 2012

Blowing up to San Diego Comic-Con proportions, the east coast’s falltime geek brouhaha, NY Comic Con, jam-packed the city and Jacob Javitz convention center with all sorts of costumes and get-ups (aka “cosplay”) inspired by comics, TV, movies, manga/anime, and video games, from pint-sized Dr. Who’s to a super beefy Prometheus engineer (and a chubby, or chubbier version of pretty much every character you can think of).

Here we present a sampling of the characters and costumes on display – let us know which is your favorite in the comments section!

























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  • Dumdum

    WOW ! What a geek fest. Hey I like superheros, I even have a couple of tee shirts and with the current C.G.I. and 3D, movies are better than ever. Holy crap ! These people have way too much free time. You want to be a REAL hero? Volunteer. Visit an old folks home with a book or a pet. Or just hang out and listen to their crazy old stories. Make your time on this planet count for SOMETHING , cause babies it’s a lot shorter that you think.

  • Aedan Roberts

    Alright, @DumDum: have you ever stopped to consider that you can be a geek, go to this event (which is, by the way, only four days long at most- and many only go to a single day of it) and *GASP* Have time to do other things?!

    I know. It’s a shocking realization. This whole “too much free time” and “get a life” crap is tired, ignorant, and juvenile.

  • Ogre Magi

    Who are the guys in boxer shorts supposed to be?

  • Eric Li

    @Dumdum: I’m sure everyone can do without your holier-than-thou attitude. Had you gone to NYCC, you would have seen things like Toys for Tots, TheTruth anti-smoking campaign, and panels on the growing visibility and acceptance of GLBT characters in comics. But I shouldn’t have to justify myself for being a geek and going to NYCC because your comment reeks of the “but I can’t be homophobic because I have gay friends” argument. Your tone indicates that when you say “geek fest,” it’s in a derogatory manner.

  • Eric Li

    @Ogre Magi: I believe they are from a video game called “Catherine.”

  • Charlie in Charge

    @Dumdum: One almost imagines that you like to walk about with a large straw so that at any moment you can suck the fun out of whatever you come across.

    Lots of hot costumes there. Usually Comic-Con cosplay pieces on the net focus on the ladies, happy to have an alternative here.

  • PrettyLittleLiar

    My only complaint is that I’m not there! Photos of NYCC and SDCC always warm my heart. I’ve been to two cons and you literally spend the entire time going “Ooh! Look at that! Wait! Look at that!” It’s fantastic. I’m so excited to see Queerty giving nerd culture some attention this year.

  • mz.sam

    An awesome event either in NY or San Diego. Many of the female sirens attended in bang-up costumes, but if these geeks want to be in the true and authentic spirit that embodies their characters most of these suspects seriously need more mass to their meat…Period! (So unlike the guys at the annual West Hollywood Halloween street festival.)

  • Jeremi

    @mz.sam: Not that it’s even about body image when you’re just trying to cosplay as a favorite character (because it’s not) but which ones are you referring to? I could only see maybe 2 or 3 who don’t “look the part”, yet still have great costumes.

  • Dumdum

    I’m sorry you guys. I am just a stupid bitter OLD QUEER at 52 I have been left behind by my Gay brothers who love youth, money and big dicks. I have none of those things. Only my memories of marching in the streets being beaten up by cops and no friends left cause they ALL died from AIDS. I tried to kill myself the other day but as i was drifting away in my garage with the engine running I realized that I had a little puppy. Oliver Queen. Who loved and needed me. I am just an angry bitter old man. I hope that none of you EVER have to go to that place. It ain’t pretty girls. Glad no one knows where I live cause they would lock my ass up. You can check in, but they won’t let you check out, unless you are VERY sneaky. YEA WHATEVER BOO FU**ING HOO>I KNOW.

  • streeteditions

    My cat,BS, is one reason for living. Pictures like these are another! So is our history, but only if we live to remember and honor those who’ve gone ahead to make it so.

  • GayComicGeek

    Yay! The Robin pic is me! I wish I was in a better costume and that it wasn’t at the end of the day but still, yay!

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