PHOTOS: Nice Jewish Boys—And Michael Lucas—Make Merry At The Christmas Eve Jewbilee

On Christmas Eve, while the Gentile girls and boys were hanging their stockings on the chimney with glee, a legion of gay Jews in New York City (and their friends and admirers) gathered at Amnesia for Jewbilee, an annual party thrown by the Hebrew homo social group He’bro.

DJ Vito Fun provided the beats for partygoers, whose number included porn icon Michael Lucas and Next magazine editor Benjamin Solomon. And since it was also still Hanukkah, He’bro founder Jayson Littman had go-go boys create a human “man-orah.”

Meanwhile we upheld our own, tamer, Jewish Christmas-Eve tradition: Beef with broccoli at Grand Szechuan, followed by a movie. (Note: The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo is not a good holiday flick.)

Click through for photos from the 2011 Jewbilee in New York City

Photos courtesy of BP Photo



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  • Charles

    WOW! I guess it’s true what they say…the camera adds ten bumps. Tweekers.

  • Kyle412

    They should change the name of this event. A lot of guys in the pics aren’t even jewish.

  • Mac

    @Kyle412: Youre wrong — 90% of the guys in these photos are are jewish (i know them)… what are u basing ur claim on?

  • Jason


    Yes, relatively few Jews there–which I don’t know if that’s good or bad. And the first image is engineered to look bigger than it is. Minor event, and a lame one at that. Next year, if they offer it again, spend your gelt elsewhere.

  • sic!

    what’s wrong with M. Lucas face? is he a teenage girl having a duckface syndrom or what?

  • Dennis

    I don’t care what religion he is, give me the boy on the left in pic #7 on a platter, please! Adorable!

  • MA

    @Mac: More than 10% are cute.

  • Timmmeeeyyy

    Wow, this post really brought out the bigots.

    I do think this event just seems weird though. What next, a Christian Circuit Party? A Mormon Underwear Party? I think religion is a weird thing to party around.

  • Bryan

    First: it’s not a druggy party at all and not a circuit party.

    Second: it is probably 85-90% Jewish. There are Ashkenazi, Sepahrdi, Mizrachi, Israeli, and plenty of Jews by choice of various races and ethnicities.

    Most people go to have fun on Christmas eve and see old friends they may not have seen since last year’s party. It’s a fun event if your part of the LBGT Jewish community or go with friends who are. If you don’t think it’s fun, don’t go.

    Finally: you should be ashamed for saying things like you know it was less than 90% Jewish because more than 10% were cute or making comments about nose stereotypes. How is this acceptable? Would you feel comfortable saying those things about other ethnic groups? Would you feel comfortable reading unflattering gay stereotypes deployed by straight people?

  • Glenn

    @sic!: Ye, Lucas looks like he had a botched lip filler procedure done at some basement clinic. I’ve seen him in person and the duck lips and heavy bronzer look more ridiculous. I think he is not earning as much compared to Corbin Fisher or Sean Cody so he can’t afford a corrective procedure.

  • Seth

    But honestly that Michael Lucas is difficult to look at. Like wince-inducing difficult. Jar Jar Binks meets Jocelyn Wildenstein. I shall dub him Jocelyn Binks.

  • Joetx

    The presence of that bigot, Michael Lucas, ruined the entire event for me.

  • CBRad

    @Seth: LOL. Wildenstein (the cat). But, c’mon, Lucas doesn’t look THAT bad! He went a wee bit too far with the facework, but….Anyway, this crowd isn’t too too bad for a Manhattan gay crowd. A few of the guys mixed in are nice-looking or at least not too embarrassing.

  • Lucifer

    I like men period. Regardless.

  • Jeff

    It’s not the best of parties, no. But it gives folks who don’t celebrate Christmas something to do when everything else is closed and people who perhaps would celebrate but don’t have other plans/family/etc. to have a more unique night. It definitely wasn’t exclusively Jewish, it wasn’t supposed to be.

  • mk_ultra_again

    Lucas needs to cool it on whatever cosmetic procedures he’s doing. He starting to take on the appearance of a cartoon character.

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