PHOTOS: Nice Jewish Boys Make The “Cut” In NYC

We’re quite a few months away from any major Jewish holidays, but that didn’t stop He’bro, the social group for gay Jewish men and their friends, from hosting Cut, a Pride month party at New York nightclub Slate on June 2.
Hmm, we have to wonder: Was the name of the bash a reference to the Jewish ritual of circumcision or the abs of the go-go boys shaking their knishes on the bar?

Either way, mazel tov guys.

Click through fore more photos from Hebro’s Cut party

Photos: Gustavo Monroy

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  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @Bailey: TROLL Alert.

    Oh, and Balley, Catholics RAPE children — just sayin’!

  • Bailey

    @The Real Mike in Asheville: You are the fascist neo nazi who hates people of your own community.

    God is a lie and you are all weak minded who believe in a fairy tales.

    PS: The real mike is a fucking inbred.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @Bailey: Oh my, Balley, forget to take your anti-psycho meds?

    “Jews killed Jesus, just sayin” AND “God is a lie” — symptom of split-personality disorder, or just stupid?

    Ummm, and then there is the wonderful stupidity of:

    The guy who shows off his anti-semite bigotry with “Jews killed Jesus” then label the guy who calls you out as an anti-semite bigot as the nazi.


  • RICH


  • 1equalityUSA

    These boys are very handsome.

  • Some Random Guy

    Hot. This gentile is overdue for a New York trip. Heading to the Megabus & Amtrak sites now.

  • Callum

    Happy men, good looking faces, always nice to see.

  • MAP

    Here’s what I don’t get–so-called christians hate jews because they killed jesus.
    yet they claim god is all knowing, and has planned everything out to the nth degree.
    so, the jews were simply doing what god wanted them to do.
    In fact, if they didn’t kill jesus, someone else would have to have done it, otherwise, there would be no “died for my sins” bullshit.
    so, instead of hating jews, you should venerate them–they willingly played their part in bringing about what christians call salvation.

    of course that’s way too practical an outlook for a religion that drinks blood and eats flesh and hates on gay people for sport…

  • MikeE

    @MAP: except “the Jews” did not kill Jesus. that’s a gross generalization.

    it’s like saying “the Americans killed Abraham Lincoln”.

  • biscuit_batter

    my ex bf was a jew for jesus (yes they do exist). religion should not matter but if gay jews want to socialize with other gay jews, that’s cool with me:)

  • Riker

    @MAP: Technically it was the Romans that killed Jesus. The Jews just chose not to spare him.

    Also, i’m not sure that male genital mutilation is the best thing to name a party after.

  • v

    How did some fluffy eye candy turn into jew bashing and hate? Guess its just never too far below the surface, like homophobia. J/S

  • Zane

    #3 is a hot picture!

  • shannon


  • RICH

    uh shannnon you’re crazy. ashkanazi means german or european jews and sephardic means spanish jews which inlcude arab jews. jesus was born a jew and died a jew.

    great to some some good lookig jewish boys.

  • Harry

    The name “cut” is a little too ironic, and it kind of makes my dick hurt.

  • Matt

    Jews are very homophobic, against LGBT rights, and Jewish men are not hot.

  • Damon

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    • Every year many boys in the United States and elsewhere lose their lives as a result of circumcision – a fact that is routinely ignored or obscured.

    [Sources: 1. G. W. Kaplan, “Complications of Circumcision,” Urologic Clinics of North America 10 (1983): 543-549. 2. R. S. Thompson, “Routine Circumcision in the Newborn: An Opposing View,” Journal of Family Practice 31 (1990): 189-196.

  • Tyler

    Male circumcision is pointless genital mutilation.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @Matt: You are just a fucking anti semite bigot.

    Neither of the two Jewish boyfriends I have had were homophobic nor their very loving and including families.

    Conservative Judaism (Mainstream and largest assembly in the US) and the American Orthodox Judaism (second largest Jewish assembly) both offer same-sex marriages and blessing and both ordain gay rabbis.

    So STFU when you know dipshit about a topic, dipshit!

  • Cam


    Shannon, usually I like what you have to say, but your comment was actually a ranting conspiracy theory.

    Ashkanazi Jews are European or German Jews and did not exist at the Time of Christ. The Jews back then were all a middle eastern/african people and Jesus would have looked just like anybody else.

    Seriously, before you go off on something like that you really need to check your facts.

  • Cam

    @Matt: said…

    “Jews are very homophobic, against LGBT rights, and Jewish men are not hot.”

    This is a NOM troll. Remember, the files taken from NOM prove that their stated goal was to drive a wedge between other minority groups and gays.

    They come onto sites like this and try to make claims like this guy is making. That is why you also get the weird comments on posts about blacks etc… They are trolls folks.

  • Lance

    I’ve been to Israel and Jewish communities in the united states and Jews are highly homophobic and against LGBT rights both is Isarel and in the US.

    Shannon-A lot of Jews are completely anti-Semitic against the Palestinians who are also Semite people.

  • MAP

    @MikeE: @MikeE:

    yes, I was merely expanding upon the idiocy of the point.

  • JKB

    @Matt: Jewish men are not hot?

    To claim that you know what is or is not attractive on a gay site is the height of hypocrisy. (Oh, and did you even SEE the pics?! YOWZAH! :P )

  • Matt

    I saw the pictures no these guys are not hot, cute, or even handsome.

  • JKB


    Okay, but that is YOUR opinion. Although it seems that there is some sour grapes.

    And Tasty Goodies, put down the crack pipe.

  • Ed

    Wow, a Black Israelite AND an anti-circumcision activist. Get someone typing in all caps about the CRUELTY INHERENT IN KOSHER SLAUGHTERHOUSES and we’ll hit the antisemitic trifecta.

  • Carlos

    Being against circumcision of boys does not mean that you’re antisemitic at all.

  • SteveUK

    I agree Carlos. Even some Jews are starting not to get their sons cut at all.

  • Xtincta

    UGH the Circumcision police are at it again….. Get over it fellas!!!! Foreskin is a useless vestigial organ of no more benefit than the appendix.

  • Phoenix

    So much hate and misinformation in many of the above comments.
    I believe religion divides more than it unites.
    Appreciate these pictures for what they are.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @Cam: Thanks for that Cam, of course you are probably right. The tiniest of silver linings is that these schmucks give my hypertension meds a workout.

  • Kevin in Cincy

    What’s w/all you people? Can’t a brutha wake up, drink some coffee and drool over some REALLY cute Jewish Boys without all this extraneous/off-the-point bullshit — dolled out by overzealous (and, no doubt, not-as-cute) agenda-pushers?! C’Mon, Kids… :(

  • Kevin in Cincy

    @Damon: Meh. I’m sticking with ‘cut’…

  • Kevin in Cincy

    @Eyal Feldman: Me, too, Eyal. Me, too… ;)

  • Cam

    @Lance: said…

    “”I’ve been to Israel and Jewish communities in the united states and Jews are highly homophobic and against LGBT rights both is Isarel and in the US.
    Shannon-A lot of Jews are completely anti-Semitic against the Palestinians who are also Semite people.””

    This is a PERFECT example of how stupid trolls are. Lance, first of all you haven’t been to Isreal. This is exactly what the trolls always try to say “As a gay man” or “As a Democrat” before they say something anti-gay etc….

    Secondly, Jews are semites also…which, you know, you would know if you had actually been there. And of course you left out the fact that Palestine, the country you defend has laws on the books that has being gay listed as a crime with 10 years prison time.

    So nice try troll.

  • Tom_D

    Why can’t we just enjoy pictures of cute boys without getting into some sort of shallow theological/political pissing contest?

  • Kevin in Cincy

    @Tom_D: AMEN/SHALOM/WHATEVER… For an entree, I’ll have both boys in PIC#1, w/a side of the boy on the left in PIC#3. THEY’RE KOSHER! ;)

  • ChrisSF

    Xtincta-That’s bullshit. Anyone that’s been with men who are cut and men who are intact with a foreskin knows that men who are not cut get pleasure from their foreskin in ways that guys who are cut don’t get.

  • Adam

    TomD-It’s not going to happen since Israel is homophobic, violates human rights, and treats Palestinians like they’re subhuman.

  • Lucas

    The thing is these guys aren’t that hot at all! Jewish men are highly overrated and VERY high maintenance.

  • Kate

    That’s funny Xtincta I bet you wouldn’t say that about a woman’s clitoral hood.

    The removal of any healthy tissues from the genitals of boys or girls is genital mutilation.

  • John D

    @The Real Mike in Asheville:

    Mike, two corrections.

    One, the largest two movements are Reform and Conservative (together, they comprise about 80% of affiliated Jews). They (and the much smaller Reconstructionist movement) are in favor of same-sex marriage and ordain gay clergy. Conservative rabbis and congregations can decide that same-sex unions collide with their practice. The Reform and Reconstructionist movements call for full inclusion of gay people.

    The Orthodox groups are opposed to same-sex marriage. There is at least one gay Modern Orthodox rabbi, but he’s probably pretty much unique as an out, ordained Orthodox Jew. The Orthodox comprise about 15% of American Jews. Imagine how things would be like if only 15% of American Christians opposed gay rights.

  • DarthKitsune

    @Eyal Feldman:

    Me Too!

  • Arthur

    Jewish men are hot!

  • Cord

    Definitely some hot looking Jewish men in those pics.

    Oh, and please whoever posted that long-winded diatribe against circumcision — please stop burdening us with your lamentations over your lost foreskin.

    Yes, you were likely cut as an infant. Either get over it or sue your parents. Jeezuz!

  • kincho

    How can you say these guys are not hot? Look how cute Numberone’s smile is!

  • Kevin in Cincy

    @Xtincta: You KNOW I shall… ;)

  • Kevin in Cincy

    @Cord: Couldn’t have said it better. on both counts… ;)

  • lego606

    @Lucas: Way to generalize there, bucko. Isn’t that like when people said “all gays are evil”?

    Why are we, as, honestly, a minority, writing these things?

  • Javier Belasco

    please please please continue to boycott the Wonder Woman forum on Comic Book Resources – its moderator David Berger aka ‘Aegisbearer’ has still not being fired for sexual offences. The previous Facebook campaign was a success with 60% of previous posters there electing to self-ban until hes removed.

  • D P

    @1equalityUSA: — Ditto!

    BTW, I don’t suppose anyone knows if A.J. Hammer is Jewish? I thought he was when he first came to my attention 17 years ago when he veejayed on VH1. Or, does anyone know if he’s gay? I kind of got the impression that he is, but what I know is that it was never confirmed. A.J. Hammer graced the cover of some gay magazine back in the 90’s, and I’ve got a copy of it somewhere around here, but even in the article, the interviewer was vague about it.

    Was this exclusive to Jewish men only, or was it opened to their admirers as well?

  • Kevin in Cincy

    @Javier Belasco: @Matt: @D P: AJ is Jewish, Dude. “Hammer”, however, is a stage name. If you can picture a yamakah on their head, well… No offense, of course…

  • Kevin in Cincy

    @Bailey: WOW. That’s a bit harsh/bitter/hateful, don’tyathink?

  • Kevin in Cincy

    How a totally innocent post about Fine Jewish Guys (I got yer back, Fellas )devolves into a gross(!) dissertation on circumcision is beyond me. Perhaps some of the activist energy would be best put to use about current things we CAN change, not what SOMEONE ELSE’s junk looks/feels like. Seems a little desparate, ya know?

  • Kevin in Cincy

    @kincho: ditto, Bub. The haters (gay or str8 — and, Yes, they come in both varieties — don’t you just LOVE America?!) are always gonna hate. I find it odd that grown men are obsessing about other Dudes’ junk, ya know? I, personally, am happy with MY OWN, circumcised, don’t-have-to-clean-the-head-cheese-YUK(!) peen. And for all of you Cheeseheads, well, we’re from different planets (or groins)…

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