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  • Adam

    Number eight is heartbreaking.

  • bunburyist2

    #2 has one too many arms and legs, respectively. Fascinating photo.

  • Timothy

    I love George Platt Lynes, he was a renegade and a pioneer. Good for this gallery for showing his work!

  • ritz76

    Agreed, George Platt Lynes paved the way for queer photographers. Kudos to Queerty & the exhibition for giving him a shout out.

  • declanto

    #11 superb. Not sure why Gloria Swanson is included.

  • Mark

    Number 6…….

  • Ishmael

    George Platt Lynes’ work is amazingly beautiful. His photography molds light and form exquisitely in 2D. He is famous for his work in fashion and portraiture; he was Avant-garde and courageous for his work in light of the prevailing laws and social climate in the United States during his life. It’s a pity that his life was cut short, and that he destroyed so much of his work before his early death. No matter what his subject, he always created a work of beauty.

    I had the distinct pleasure to live with photo #2 shown here (his 1945 self-portrait), and other works of his. He is truly a credit to the talent and creatively of the U.S. It’s a shame that he wasn’t more appreciated in his time.

    Thank you Queerty and Mr. Keyes for this exhibit of an enlightening talent and passionate trailblazer.

  • Jwphilly418

    Love his work.

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