PHOTOS: NYC Mural Highlights Israel’s And Neighboring Nations’ Gay-Rights Records

As Queerty reported last week, a mural touting Israel’s record on LGBT rights has gone up in New York‘s West Village, at Leroy Street between Green and Hudson Streets. The painting (above) features a sillohuete of two men holding hands, with a banner asking “Who would you want at your wedding?” and listing the Promised Land’s accomplishments as well as misdeeds by Iran, Eqypt and other Middle East countries.

The mural, sponsored by The Alumni Community of Birthright Israel, was unveiled in conjunction with Israel Independence Day on Monday. Critics claim it’s another example of  “pinkwashing”—Israeli advocates touting the country’s gay rights to obscure its treatment of Palestinians. Ironically The Jerusalem Post reports that the Knesset today overwhelmingly rejected a bill to legalize same-sex marriage, with 39 opposed and 11 in favor. Civil unions are currently recognized throughout the nation.

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