PHOTOS: NYC Taxi Drivers Get Sexy, Plus Eight More Calendar Shoots That Need To Happen

2014 is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get a new calendar.

A group of 12 New York City taxi drivers have posed for a calendar that will benefit the University Settlement, which serves immigrant and working individuals and families every year with basic services like quality education, housing, and literacy programs. 100% of net sales proceeds will go to the center. Check out the photos from the calendar here.

This got us thinking of other sexy offbeat calendars we’d love to see. Many come to mind, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top eight.

Scroll down to see our picks.

Hot Janitors

We love a man in uniform. Especially one who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Janitors have a tough job. They have to clean up all sorts of unspeakable things and they do it without complaining. (They must have pretty amazing gag reflexes.) If anyone deserves a calendar, it’s them.

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Really, Really Big Beards

There’s nothing more manly than a beard. Why not take it to the extreme with a men with really, really big beards calendar? Now that’s something we’d love to run our fingers through.

Photos credit: thechive.

Homoerotic Sports Snafus

Every now and then male athletes are photographed in rather compromising positions — butt slides, crotch grabs, towel snaps, spanking and the like. It’s always fun to see, even if only for a laugh. So how about a calendar devoted to it?

Photo credit: NYDailyNews.

Men Doing Yoga

While we’re on the subject of athletics, what about a calendar featuring men doing yoga? Think about it: Hot, flexible guys wearing spandex and posing in all sorts of bendy positions. It’s a no-brainer.

Photo credit: WashingtonPost.

Victorian Gay Porn

Last month, we told you about man-on-man porn from the 1890s. As it turns out, the Victorians were a lot kinkier than we originally thought. There are tons of pictures of guys from the gay ’90s getting it on. What better way to pay tribute to the forefathers of gay porn than with a calendar?

The Boys of Best Buy

Is it just us, or does Best Buy employ some of the hottest guys in retail? And with a 100% approval rating from the HRC, it’s not a bad company to work for. Every time we walk into the store, we’re confronted with dozens of attractive young men in blue shirts and khaki pants eager to help us with our electronics. A calendar featuring them would no doubt be a bestseller.

Photo credit: WNEM.

Hunky Mailmen

Mailmen (and women) put up with a lot — bad weather, ferocious animals, the constant threat of being laid off, et cetera — and yet they are some of the most dependable workers in America, showing up every day Monday through Saturday with our mail, and often looking very attractive in their navy blue uniforms and showing off their packages. A calendar highlighting some of the hottest men of USPS is long overdue.

Men and Kittens

A few weeks back we told you about a website dedicated to pictures of attractive guys and their feline counterparts. The photos made for a fierce debate over who’s cuter. We think the only way to resolve the issue is by creating a calendar of the men and kittens so we can study the photos all year long. Meow.