PHOTOS: NYC’s Hustlaball Is Not Safe For Work, Or For That Matter, Anywhere Or Anyone


PHOTOS: Sunday night in New York saw Slake Nightclub play host to the things that go hump in the night. Presented by Rentboy.com, in conjunction with Manhunt and a jockstrap full of porn studios including Lucas Entertainment and Raging Stallion, Hustlaball New York is one of 27 parties thrown around the world celebrating the best in hustlers, go-go boys, rent boys and porn stars. This year marked its 15th anniversary and no punches were pulled. As a matter of fact, judging from the pics we received today, fists were flying just about everywhere as porn stars Ryan Rose, Austin Wolf, Tyler Wolf (no relation), Tommy Defendi, Boomer Banks, Marcus Isaacs and others performed for their crowd of horned up, turnt up admirers. And being porn stars, that meant live sex — lots of it. Sadly, we can’t show you the more salacious pics because this is a family site — we’re not sure who’s family, but still…you can get the jizz jist of what and who went down.

Check out the safest NSFW pics from Hustlaball New York. 

Photos: Jeff Eason/Wilson Models

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_MG_0178 _MG_0193 _MG_0113 _MG_0145_MG_0249

_MG_0463 _MG_0574 _MG_0612_MG_0585_MG_0589

_MG_0592_MG_0893 _MG_0545 _MG_0708 _MG_0533 _MG_0498 _MG_0487 _MG_0479
_MG_0679 _MG_0649 _MG_0648

_MG_0935 _MG_0635

Yeah, those looks pretty much sum up the entire evening.

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  • Bozen



  • MikeE

    It’s really weird.. of ALL the LGBT blogs and newsites I visit, Queerty is the ONLY one that regularly posts “news” about events that glorify prostitution.

    It’s not like Queerty posts articles about the fight to decriminalize prostitution. No, it’s just posts about “awards shows” for prostitutes.

  • Rad

    I wish I could find this interesting. What I know is those men do believe they are the center of their buff, gym-bod universe.

    And if you are not of that universe, good luck with that.

  • Kangol

    Lotsa hotness!

    Thank you, Queerty!

  • tardis

    Man, the majority of my comments have been negative lately, but really? Is this the face of the gay culture? Parties with sex as a foundation? How empty is that? Well, to each his own.

  • Phil

    Yeah, basically just whores, ok they’re fit, but to be honest it’s kind of boring!!!!

  • GayTampaCowboy

    Lord, have we gone so mainstream that we can’t celebrate pure gay male sexuality? Bitching about this event is like saying there are too many flowers on the floats in the Rose Parade. Take a deep breath guys. Oh, and by the way, if you don’t like to see PG-rated images and Queerty’s coverage of this event…WHY DID YOU CLICK ON THE STORY?

    I for one, would LOVE to go to one of these Balls just once in my life!

  • ncman

    @GayTampaCowboy: Bad analogy when you say it’s like saying there are too many flowers on the floats in the Rose Parade.

    The Rose Parade is 100% about a celebration of flowers. Let’s all hope that the gay community is more than just 100% about sex.

  • bamboo_child

    absolutely hilarious how everyone is complaining about these guys having fun at a party while you are all cowering behind a computer screen. props to them for at least going out and doing what they love instead of staying at home and blogging about things they hate

  • royster

    @ncman: but, the article never claimed to be about the “gay community”…posters just read that into it in order to shame/judge. Yep, the Rose Bowl Parade is about flowers, but a lot goes on around it (incuding a football game, and let’s not forget the entire event is one of Chamber of Commerce style civic pride). This event was about promiscous sex (so, yeah, similarly, it promotes porn among other things). Bidness is bidness. If this isn’t your product of choice, fine…but don’t try to cast aspersions on those who enjoy such events/products as if they are claiming to represent the entire “gay community”, no more than those who enjoy the Parade for the flowers represent the entire “football community.”

  • Dixie Rect

    Classless trash.

  • tardis

    @royster: But it is seen as part of the community, we’re not so far along that we can separate ourselves from these groups, and when you’re on a blog talking about all things LGBT, then, yes, it is part of the community. Look, people can agree or disagree with what’s going on here, but that doesn’t make any party right. People are just expressing their approval or disapproval.

    They’re all opinions in the end.

  • Ogre Magi

    @MikeE: Why don’t you go thump your bible somewhere else with all the other gay christians you quisling

  • Ogre Magi

    @tardis: They are a more legitimate part of our community than gay churches

  • mdventura

    Beautiful to see; yes, but it does celebrate and glorify behavior that can destroy a healthy relationship and certainly a healthy body. This type of exposé has been happening since King Soloman’s parties and the Venetian courtesans – but all have ended in some type of tragedy. I suspect that my healthcare premiums reflect the real cost of the behavior – so attempting to normalize it is far from acceptable.

  • Fang2012

    I think it’s important to recognize that sex is the main factor that separates the LGBT community from the mainstream. It seems only natural that we should have events that celebrate sex in an explicit, positive way. Just remember–not everyone is out, and many gay people still feel ashamed about their sex lives. To at least a few, these kinds of events will communicate that our sexual otherness is empowering. And there are a lot of guys (like me) that are comfortable with their sexualities and still like to indulge in the pleasures of uninhibited, unrestrained, liberated sexual adventure…such as events like these!

    I understand that a lot of gays don’t want to be portrayed as sex-crazed voyeurs. But remember that we are not a monolithic community. And your (more conservative) values are already heard, accepted and reflected in the mainstream.

  • tardis

    @Fang2012: Except the problem with that is that the “conservative types” aren’t part of the mainstream even if you identify with those values. To the majority of people, gay is a single identity.

  • ncman

    @Fang2012: Sexual attraction is what separates the LGBT community from the mainstream, not sex.

    Heterosexuals engage in sex. Heterosexuals have “hustlers” and prostitutes. Heterosexuals engage in promiscuous sexual behavior. Heterosexuals have a BDSM subculture. Heterosexuals have open relationships. Heterosexuals have parties similar to the “Hustlaball”. There’s nothing here that is unique and inventive. The same activities have been happening in the hetero community for a long, long time.

  • matnoll

    Makes you long for the glory days of Falcon. All those unfortunate tattoos.

  • Camsean01

    Oh god spare me from trash.

  • LeNair Xavier



    Shouldn’t the gay community have come to a point where gay media stops praising the self-loathing world of prostitution, and making it a means to be accepted by our own.


    Young people’s desperation for validation is what got them sucked into this mentally and emotionally destructive world. And if they don’t grow up, they become the overgrown children who are either kept boys, directing porn, and/or playing daddies in the videos bringing the sadly misguided young into the fold. Because after all, misery loves company. I know, because as you can see from the link above, I’ve lived it already.

    A STOP NEEDS TO FUCKIN’ START!!! And you can start by NOT praising it!

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