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  • Rye

    Worth EVERY click. Seriously!

  • Sean

    @Rye: Agreed! Don’t be discouraged by the few bad pics in the first 1/2.

  • Darryl

    Definitely! Whoa…..this is as hot as it gets. I couldn’t get thru all of them before I…uhm..well, you know. I usually don’t click but a couple pics on these spreads, as it is SO INCREDIBLY ANNOYING to have the screen jumping up and down at every click as the Logo ad imposes itself on my consciousness, but I must say….this spread was worth every ponderous click!

  • Wolff

    It’s scary how much this guy looks like my ex. In the face anyway, I mean this guy is a lot buffer and beefier. Apparently he’s also packing in one area where my ex was lacking ;)

    But just looking at the faces they could’ve been separated at birth.

  • ralph Giles

    I love this man, The best I have seen in months. The site is not good, Stop the housewives jumping the picture. and stop all the pictures just so you you hits.

  • Drew

    DAMN! Great start to the weekend. These make me even hornier than I already am. LOL. Cute guy, great body, amazing ass. (I do prefer him with pubic hair than without. Just my preference.) Definitely a do over!!

  • Bob R

    It seems to me that not too long ago I saw full frontals of this guy posted online. I just can’t remember where. He sure is pretty to look at though and if memory serves me, he doesn’t come up short at all!

  • meego

    @Bob R: We obviously didn’t see the same pics because his cock looked average at best in the ones I saw. Photoshop, anyone? His cock pics are likely fake. Just like that Daniel Radcliffe pic was quickly determined to be a fake.

  • meego

    @Wolff: So you dumped your ex because he wasn’t packing? A little shallow, aren’t you?

  • nineinchnail

    A tube of chocolate body paint, Josh and an hour! Sex on legs. :)

  • Miles

    Please tell me there are some good ass pics in here somewhere. Which #s?


  • Devon


    I feel the sudden urge to build him a temple and feed him grapes as he looks down upon mere mortals.

  • EdWoody

    Heavenly. pretty much exactly my type. Well, maybe a little too big, but by god would I not let that stop me.

    I especially love the ones where he’s smiling… and oddly, the one where he’s fully dressed with the rugby shirt.

  • Charlie Jackpot

    Number 7 would be heaven if he hadn’t have shaved his pubes

  • TampaZeke

    The only thing that could have made it better would have been a little bit of body hair. At least give me pubes and hairy pits.

  • alan brickman

    very woofy…don’t be jealous…hit a gym already!

  • meego

    @alan brickman: Fucking retard!

  • mark

    killer butt…..mmmmmmmmmmm!

  • mark

    Some men should rarely wear clothes, and be lubed front and back 24/7

  • Ken S

    I’ve adored Josh Ohl for what feels like a couple of years now.. well, adored his body of modeling work, anyway, since I don’t know squat about his personality.

    As for the whole rest of the site’s layout shilling this dreadful looking “A List” show, jeez, how much money did they throw at Queerty? :-/ Because you can’t convince me they’re getting so much hype for free.

  • Jack E. Jett

    I went thru all 31 photos……..does this mean we are married.

    I hope so. I am ready for consumation.

  • Scot

    I’ve had a couple of these pictures on my HARD drive for over 7 years. That’s what keeps it hard! He has ther most perfectly sculpted body. Michaelangelo couldn’t have done better.
    I remember when he was posing for All American Guys. Sombody should do a “Where are they now?” photoshoot.
    It seem to me that he has a little brother named Judson who was also easy on the eyes.
    If Queerty does a follow up, they should post his “wet tighty whities on the beach” photos. Those pictures answer all the questions asked here.

  • Sean

    @Wolff: “Omg I date hot people please like me kthnxbye!”

  • kaderade

    Josh Ohl is the love of my life. Loved him since the first time i saw him. hahaha.

  • StevenW

    Wow, thats one huge neck. Worth almost every click though.

  • vinnyc

    Now, this guy is one of the ugliest guy i have ever seen! seriously can you imagine this guy walking on the beach in a tight Bikini. and what if you see him completely naked -the horror, the horror! Not to mention bumping into him in a sauna all wet and steamy . No way..

  • Jim

    About 5 days ago I sent PhotoprojectNY, the people who manage Morning Goods, an e-mail telling them to google Josh Ohl and put him on here. I hope today’s post is the result. He’s got that man-boy thing going, an incredible body (and he’s 6’1″) and beautiful eyes. Thanks, PhotoprojectNY!

  • Chris

    He should be fined for wearing shirts.

  • Hamburglar

    As near to physical perfection as anyone could reasonably want!


    Stupendous physique! One of the best here on Queerty! The perfect combination of muscle mass and definition.

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