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  • Queeny Bitch

    Pfshh. Whatever. He totally has more than 3% body fat. And his waist is huge. At least 26 inches. Doesn’t everyone know 26 is the new 38? My last boyfriend was totally hotter than this normie, and he was only a 6.

  • Bob

    C’mon he is damn hot!

  • Sean

    @Bob: Haha I think he’s kidding? Who has a 26 inch waist.

  • Bob

    @Sean: I know. This guy’s body is one of the best I’ve seen.

  • Alexander

    Big balls guy :)

  • David in Houston

    Too scrawny for me. I like broader and bigger shoulders, and a little more muscle. He’s definitely in great shape though. He’s a good looking guy, but I don’t really get a ‘sex appeal’ thing from him, which is odd.

  • Brad

    Holy moly! What a beauty!

  • Who Cares

    He looks hot, but I am not going to be clicking away to see his pics…sorry Queerty

  • Drew

    Love the pics of him freeballing… very very sexy.

  • Rock in Sunny FL

    Wow. Pic #21 is sexy as hell. Thanks for including another beautiful guy who can actually smile (mag cover shot is great)!

  • Austin

    #19, #20, #26 – My compliments to the photographer

  • Jigae

    Wow. He’s breathtaking. I lusted for him until 24 when I wanted to marry him because he was so adorable.

  • Steven W

    Amazing behind on him in the archery shots, eg #21

  • Arman

    Does anyone know the pair of jeans he’s wearing in #21?

  • cici

    body made for sex. yum.

  • jeremy

    @Arman: if you’re still looking for what jeans he is wearing they are called “ADNAN” bu rufskin. go to the rufskin and check them out. i was enthralled by the jeans too so i had to research lol. hope this info helps!

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