PHOTOS: Go (Way) Back In The Gay With The ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives

The ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives is an invaluable resource documenting the rich and varied history of the queer community. This is particularly important as LGBT History month wraps up, as a reminder of the bravery, the sacrifices and the general fabulousness of those who came before us.

Founded in 1952, ONE recently celebrated its 60th anniversary as “the oldest active LGBTQ organization in the United States and the largest repository of LGBTQ materials in the world.” These are just a few of the incredible vintage photos available in ONE’s online gallery, featuring over 600 images dating back to the days when love dared not speak, let alone tweet and Facebook, its name.

You can find out about donating your time, money or materials to the ONE Archives here.

Above: Block and J. J. Belanger kissing in a photo booth. The album caption reads: “PGE exhibition, Hastings Park.” Circa 1953.


 Carolyn Weathers and Denise Crippen kissing on driveway at Morton Avenue. Circa October 1975.

Christine Jorgensen, one of the first people to openly discuss having gender-reassignment  surgery, signs her biography after speaking at ONE Incorporated. March 9, 1975.

 Police officers holding hands at the Los Angeles Christopher Street West pride parade in 1972.

 Dorothy Putnam celebrating her birthday, sitting on the lap of a friend. Undated.

Jim Kepner, Reverend Troy Perry, Morris Kight, Gerald Strickland, and Dick Winters. Circa 1971.

 A Gay Activists Alliance (GAA) protest regarding a separation of church and state. August 28, 1974.

 Harvey Milk speaks at the Los Angeles Christopher Street West pride parade. 1978.

 Jeanne Cordova and girlfriend Janie Elvin. They met in high school, then met back up at Harvard where they became lovers. Circa 1969.

Philadelphia gay wedding. This photograph was part of a set that was deemed inappropriate by a photo shop in Philadelphia and never returned to the customer. Circa 1957.

 Five shirtless men pose at the Santa Monica Gymfest. September 1975.

 “Silence=Death” banner raised on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) offices protesting the slow drug approval process. October 11, 1988.

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  • jerry_pritikin

    It would be nice to credit the photographer of that image. Ironically,Harvey is best known for speaking into a bullhorn. That is based on my image taken on 6/7/77 Orange Tuesday(The name I gave for that important date in Gay History). If you google Harvey Milk with bullhorn, the only 2 images of that is mine and Sean Penn as Harvey in the movie”MILK”. For the history of my image: /scene05.html
    I recommend that site. It is not a recreation of history, but the actual stories and images of that era in gay history. The movie had Harvey first talking in front of tha Castro Thearter… that never happened, then they have the impromptu march end in front of City Hall… and that did not happen either. It was taken downtown at Union Square. I took my film over the Associated Press. At first they were not interested. I convinced them that 5,000 people taking part in an impronptu march responding to a local election over 2,000 miles away was a national news worthy event. I also recommend my own blog… it’s a collection of stories and images taken during my 23 years in San Francisco and events in my 75 years as I recall them.

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