PHOTOS: Oscar Isaac Is Literally The Hottest Man In Movies Right Now

DF-14683.CR2Let’s take a quick vote. Who’s your dream Valentine? OMG! It’s great that we can all agree it’s James Wolk Michael Sam  Russell Tovey Oscar Isaac. With his soulful eyes, pillowy lips and wavy dark locks, the 34-year-old Latin American heartthrob has been on our radar for a while now. His steamy love scenes in the Paris-set crime drama In Secret (opening in select theaters Feb. 21) have cinched the deal. The Julliard-trained actor has been proving his versatility in films as varied as the religious epic The Nativity Story, the adventure film Robin Hood, the suspenseful Drive, the Madonna-directed romance W.E., the action-packed The Bourne Legacy and last year’s sadly under-appreciated folk musical Inside Llewyn Davis (he totally deserved an Oscar nod!). Now with his latest film in release and at least four others on the way, it’s an ideal time to take a look back at the career highlights of this future superstar.

Take a scroll down to see the photogenic actor’s career in pictures.


The Nativity Story

He first caught our eye in 2006 when he portrayed the (earthly) father of Christ in this religious drama helmed by Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke.


Robin Hood

Russell Crowe who? Ridley Scott’s 2010 redo of the venerable classic was all about Isaac as Prince John.



Only someone as smoking hot as Isaac playing Carey Mulligan’s convict husband could steal our attention away from Ryan Gosling, the ostensible star of the riveting 2011 crime drama.



That same year Madonna, who has rarely met a hot Latino she didn’t love, cast the actor as the contemporary lead in her film about two pairs of star-crossed lovers.


The Bourne Legacy

As an Outcome agent, Isaac enjoyed a bromance with Jeremy Renner in the hit 2012 action-adventure.


Inside Llewyn Davis

Isaac made his biggest impact to date with the starring role as a perpetually melancholy folk singer in the latest from the Coen Brothers.

While promoting the acclaimed comedy-drama, the actor appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to perform a distinctive rendition of Katy Perry’s anthem “Roar.” What can’t he do?


In Secret

Isaac raises the temperature as Elizabeth Olson’s illicit lover in this chilling 19th century crime drama based on Emile Zola’s classic novel Thérèse Raquin and also starring a bewitching Jessica Lange.