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PHOTOS: Our 2 Favorite Studs From Broadway Bares


Of all the men who stripped off on Sunday night to help Broadways Bares raise more than $800,000 for Broadway Cares/Equity Fight AIDS, two gents caught out eye: Broadway pretty person Nick Adams (above) and LXTV host Mo Rocca. Allow us to show you why. (Photos:, Emily McNamara, Aubrey Reuben/Playbill, AfterElton)

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  • Bill S

    Is Mo a ‘mo?
    ‘Cause I still don’t know
    fo’ sho’.

  • Dewitt

    Mo Rocca is so dorky hot to the point that he’s just plain hot.

  • Bill S

    Dewitt- the term you may be looking for is “adorkable”. And yeah, he is.

  • afrolito

    He looks like a fool, and completely out of place in a sea of hotness.

  • Fitz

    I would do MoRoka in a FLASH. He is adorable, with a little gush, and a natural middle aged body. Yummy.

  • alan brickman

    who’s the hot stud with the moustache?


    he’s in disguise for a porno.

  • persnikety

    on a diff tangent … yeah QUEERTy, if i were new to this world i guess i would assume that gay people were only white men with rock hard abs… over the whitewashing, isnt 400 years enough?

  • paul-e-wog

    EEK! Picture #3 – No more sexual comments towards Mo Rocca. He looks a lot like my Uncle John and thus, we end this thread. Thanks.

  • unclemike

    I’d do Mo Rocca in a hot second, and I’d do your Uncle John, too.

  • James

    Yes Mo is gay and actually an attainable guy who’d make a great bf (I think at least). Not everyone can have super hot abs like Nick Adams.

  • TANK


    No doubt with your natural old aged body. Something tells me he could do a lot better. Not that he’s anything much…fuckin’ ew! Proving that not only are you simple, but you have no taste in men, either.

  • TANK

    And further, flash is probably the correct description of the time given your potential premature ejaculation problems.

  • TANK

    I am such a loser I try to constantly start arguments with other posters.

    Otherwise no one will play with me.

    I am sad, alone, and have no friends.

  • ChristopherM


    Co-sign. Abs only last a limited time, but cute, funny, and smart are timeless.

  • hyhybt

    I’ve only ever heard of Mo Rocca (until now) on the radio show “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” and usually don’t pick up on such things, but I’d be very surprised to find out he’s straight.

  • Teh Fail

    @”Tank (Number Three)”: Fucking lulz. Spot on.

  • Kid A

    @TANK: pfff HAHAHAHA

  • james p. p.

    my FAVE is the one guy that was in the video (was there a link from Queerty) showing the prep for Broadway Bares… featuring two guys learning how to dance and talking about being nude… the “cheeky” guy on the left had me gasping. i think i’m in love.

    no… i KNOW i’m in love.

    Mo’ Rocca has this strange ability to be annoying and adorable (“adorkable”?) at the same time. it’s part of his “charm”… and it makes you want to roll your eyes and kiss him. lol.

  • KyleR

    Mo Rocca is so not my type. DOn’t really do older or….. Heavier guys. If you can’t take care of yourself, what’s going to happen with the relationship?

    And on the flip side you have the gorgeous perfect package of Nick Adams. Who just probably loves the image in the mirror. But that’s just going with extremes here. He cud b the sweetest thing ever. But god, to get with him. Ehm!!!!!!

  • scott ny'er

    mo rocca looks fine. Sheesh, you guys are terribly superficial.

  • A C

    @ Chris M – Don’t say that! You’ll have all the sad, vapid, superficial queers crying. I mean, if it weren’t for all the washboard abs and plastic surgery, how would we develop body dimorphic disorders and know when we can actually feel good about ourselves?

  • Mark

    Mo is actually kind of all over the place. A regular on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, as someone mentioned; a regular commentator on CBS Sunday Morning; saw him on Larry King (Wolf B. was subbing), talking about Obama the other night; sometimes he talks pop culture stuff at end of Keith Olbermann; Upright Citizens Brigade, on and on. Man stays busy. And he is super-duper friendly.

    And while he doesn’t have the 6-pack of the other dude there, he is in no way “heavy.” Actually, in person, he’s on the thinnish side. Helluva smart, funny guy.

  • Rowen

    If Mo’Rocca is old and fat, then . . . hell, I can’t think of ANYTHING to say to that. I want to say that that was completely moronic, but I view it more as a cry for help. So. . just put down the diet pills and the bronzer and we can start your road to recovery.

  • TANK


    How about he’s extremely unfunny, too? Did you see him on the daily show? Total fuckin’ bore. That’s he’s no longer there and never had a career beyond that pop culture show on vh1 as another nobody. Let’s put it this way, if kathy griffin’s on the d-list, mo rocca’s on an organ transplant list–fuck, schindler’s list is funnier than mo rocca.

  • Rowen

    @TANK: Oh, I was referring to the guy who said that Mo Rocca was both way too old and way too . . heavy. I know he was on the daily show, but sometimes I can’t place him. The things I remember, I usually remember were Ed Helms or Stephen Colbert. I think he’s cute, though.

  • KyleR

    Wait…. Let me get this right. I pissed everyone off because I don’t find FAT PEOPLE ATTRACTIVE?!!! !! I am not a fucking chubby chaser. I say what I find attractive and what I don’t and I’m superficial. Look, I’m sure he’s a great guy. But I would not want to sleep with him or date him. You all tell me to get off my problem, why don’t you get off yours? Everyone has their own tastes. I just have the balls enough to say it out loud to a group of a bunch of prissy, judgmental old probably fat themselves queens that can’t get off the fucking computer long enough to go for a jog around their BUILDING.

    Put down the Twinkies and go outside. Run around. Ride a bike. Fuck.

  • Rowen

    No, Kyler, what I didn’t like about your comment was that you informed us that Mo Rocca is fat. I don’t care what you like, but he is not fat. Does he have a 6 pac? No. But he is no where near a fat, or even unheathy weight. What I am tired of is people insisting that everyone has a 6 pac, and then when you don’t, you get called fat, unhealthy, a slob, “why don’t you put down the twinkies?”, etc. I am no where near fat. I work out 6x a week and each fairly healthy. However, I have the genes of an Irish mother and my Comanche father, and therefore am excellent at storing excess fat. What this means is that for me to have a 6 pac, I need to not eat healthy, and work out MUCH more then I do. However, that’s not what I want. I’m healthy, strong, and have lots of energy and stamina.

    And since I’m getting sick of hearing fa. . . I mean folks perpetuating a whole new generation of eating disorders in the gay community, I’m calling this shit out when I see it.

    Let me rephrase that for you one more time. I don’t care what you like, but don’t you DARE make any more of these remarks about someone who’s neither fat nor at an unhealthy weight. Cause I’m watching. All 6’3″ of me. And I promise you, if I hear it, I will pound your protein bar up your skinny little ass.

  • KyleR

    To me, when ur stomach is bigger than ur waist, like Mo Rocca’s; I happen to think that person is fat. I’m sorry that this doesn’t fit into your world-view. I know not everyone wins in the genetic lottery. And right now, I have. I do happen to be lucky. I still have my high metabolism. But I know when I get older, unfortunately, I’ll get fat bc all i can do is look at my family. So I’ll lose out on the genetic lottery. And I find that a disgusting and frightening prospect. And btw, I don’t eat protein bars. Their disgusting. Thanks! Have a nice day!

  • Rowen

    @KyleR: You are the embodiment of everything that has internally plagued the gay community for the past 10 years.

  • A C

    Rowen, you rock! If you need help beating down the twink gym bunny, i too am 6’3″ and come in at a whopping 185 and have abs. What a douche.

  • mojojojo

    @KyleR: Stop being such a butt monkey!

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