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PHOTOS: Our Boys At (Economic) War During Occupy Los Angeles

At Queerty, the only thing we love more than activism is cute guys. We found plenty of both at Occupy Wall Street, so we sent star photographer Byron Motley to Occupy L.A. in downtown El Ay, figuring he could capture more. We’re down with rectifying economic disparity, but there’s no law saying we can’t peruse for our Future Husband while getting the message out, rght?

Sure enough, Motley came back with a stunning slideshow of comely models activists, who seem to spend a lot of time playing guitar, sloganeering, sleeping and, of course, posing in cute 99% gear. We can’t vouch for the sexual orientation of any of these fellows, but the Oscar Wilde quote (above) might be a tip off.

And we do know that the nationwide Occupy movement has a large LGBT contingent—unlike the lily-white Tea Party movement, everyone feels welcome.


Images via Byron Motley


Click through to see the softer, sexier side of Occupy L.A.

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  • phallus

    Lucky for Byron he didn’t go to Oakland to capture photos of all the SF cuties around
    the bay area. He would have gotten an eyefull of tear gas. Occupy is getting nasty.

  • Jim Hlavac

    There is nothing gay about the Occupy forces — they are supported by the Communist, Nazi and Socialist parties — all of which are vociferously anti-gay. There’s nothing in any “abolish capitalism” soiree that is remotely gay. Cute boys aside, this is another protest movement that has nothing to do with gayness, even if some gays go on down to the protests — but let me assure you, I have no problem with the economic system of this nation — and great problems with socialism, communism and Nazism, having had relatives who have lived under the “glory” of all three in Prague — jezi smaria josef, lidi, — face facts folks – this is not a gay thing — but something wholly unrelated to us – and I ain’t giving up my wealth to any of you, nor do I demand yours.

  • Cam

    @Jim Hlavac: said….

    “There is nothing gay about the Occupy forces — they are supported by the Communist, Nazi and Socialist parties — all of which are vociferously anti-gay. There’s nothing in any “abolish capitalism” soiree that is remotely gay.”

    Nice phony post. Lets take this one down by the numbers.

    1. Nazi’s and Communists are complete opposites on the Scale and actually are not buddy buddy…or do you not remember the fact that the Soviets and Nazi Germany were at war?

    2. These marches are actually PRO-capitalist marches. Capitalism is being destroyed by CEO’s and execs who are looting the companies they work for, destroying their value, taking the money and jumping ship after a few years. Remember, the very things that Occupy Wall Street is asking for are the same regs that the U.S. had in the 1950’s and 1960’s… you know…when we lead the world in manufacturing.

    3. The TARP bailout, which Wall Street supported and put in place by BUSH, was the LARGEST socialist intervention in a country’s economy in history, this includes the Soviet Union’s controls of their economy.

    If you claim to be a capitalist and yet support Verizon’s top 5 execs looting the company for a quarter billion dollars, while at the same time the average CEO working for the gigantic companies in Japan only makes $1.5 million, then you are a liar.

    The only way to save capitalism is to change what is going on.

  • Cam

    Wow, I had a comment that argued that the occupy Wall Street marchers were actually pro capitalism because they were trying to prevent the looting of American companies by a few CEO’s, and that the attempt to paint them as BOTH Nazi’z and Communists was beyond ridiculous since those two groups are in stark opposition to each other…

    And my comment was moderated out.

  • JayKay

    Christ, I can practically smell them through the screen.

  • ewe

    Cuter in NY.

  • JamestheGent

    Communists and Nazis working together? Good heavens! Sir, might I politely suggest that you are a little misguided (though well intentioned, I’m sure) in your interpretation of the Occupy Wall St. movement?
    I would note, if you’d be so kind as to excuse my dissenting opinion,that my generation is not quite as willing to believe in failed political philosophies as the previous ones. Nor do we feel entitled to anything that is not rightfully ours. I assure you, nobody will batter down your door looking to make a free meal of your estate.
    Dear me, time certainly does fly when you’re wasting it on Queerty. Please excuse me while I go throw myself at the wall.

  • Libertarian Larry

    The author alludes to the “lily-white tea party”? Oh really? I challenge you to compare any 2 photos of OWS with a tea party rally, and point out the disparage in race, because OWS is a hell of a lot whiter than any tea party gathering I ever saw. Just because you so desperately want it to be true, doesn’t mean it is.

  • GOD (gay old dude)

    @Jim Hlavac:
    Good points. I don’t know why gay people always want to align themselves with all liberal causes. Sure, it may seem all good and noble from afar, but once you’re up close and personal with these types, they suddenly aren’t so gay-friendly. Like our good friend and ally, Tracy Morgan.

  • Kurt

    *Yawn* This is pointless.

    Occupy Wall Street is totally unorganized and there’s no common goal or any sort of unity at all.

    Just maybe I could give a shit about it, and maybe I would actually go out and protest if it was actually organized better, and there was a common goal like when I was in war protests before the 2nd Iraq war.

    Secondly OWS has NOTHING to do with GLBT rights at all, and as others have said many people involved are anti GLBT.

  • Ogre Magi


  • CBRad

    Actually, in this case, Communists and Nazis do have some mutual goals going on. The Communists for obvious reasons, the Nazis because of the “Jewish-owned” banks and the like. The ADL has already been involved in trying to get the OWS to expel their anti-Semitic elements. But those are the extremist fringes of the OWS, which is overall a legitimate movement with legitimate concerns (just like there is a lot of legitimacy to the Tea Party movements, but we only notice the loons).

  • ewe

    Thank Bill Clinton for the militarization of the police around this country.

  • Timmmeeeyyy!!!`

    This could very well be a movement that defines this era, and Queerty’s only response is “look at all the hot boys!”

    Very sad indeed.

  • GOD (gay old dude)

    I’m genuinely confused by these people, because of their eclectic and diverse demands. The problem with them is, there’s no unified message, other than “corporations are bad” and “money is bad” — but what’s the answer? For corporations to fold and take their ill-gotten profits and spread them around to the poor? Uh, yeah, sure, right. As someone who has a little bit of savings tucked away that I intend to support me until I die, I object to a bunch of angry protesters demanding I take it and hand it out to anyone who feels “less fortunate” than me, becasue in my experience, “less fortunate” translates into “less motivated to work,” and sorry, but I’m not giving a dime I’ve worked hard for to someone who refuses to work at all.

  • doug105

    I didn’t know this many queerty readers got their info from fox news.

  • missanthrope


    I’m not surprised. Many commenters here are very reactionary.

  • Kev C

    @Cam: I agree with Cam. When a system is broken, it’s the ones who most depend upon the system who complain the loudest.

  • Zack

    much better looking then NYC

  • mike128

    @Timmmeeeyyy!!!`: Completely agreed! I love sex and sexy boys, but why do we have to sexualize everything? I’d rather see a story on here about the relevance of OWS to gay rights, etc.

  • Kev C

    @mike128: OWS has zero relevance for gay rights. It’s a diversion for liberals to keep from supporting gay rights. Gee, we’d love to stop hatred and discrimination against gays but we need to protest teabaggers and foreign countries. You’re on your own. Toodles.

  • CBRad

    @Kev C: There’s not much direct relevance. Some gays are in the OWS I’m sure, and some gays are their targets (the 1 percent). Look how that rich Ezra guy (Andy Towle’s legal moll) has tried to put them down because such movements threaten him. Anyway, again, I think they have legitimate grievances in so many ways, but they really do need more organization and weeding out the loons. And there’s nothing wrong with picking out the hot ones to admire ( I mean….people even did that with young Nazis and Commies ! We’re guys, we lust).

  • Marcel

    OWS/99% cares about economic justice mainly, but also in changing the underlying system. There is a strong correlation between the progressive movements for gay rights, women’s rights, immigrant rights, environmental justice, economic justice, antiwar, etc. so yes, this movement (OWS), generally speaking, is in solidarity with the gays. I’m surprised it’s even in question. Just go to your nearest occupy protest and see for yourself.

  • bobo

    yeah, there’s a revolution going down, and you are all at home watching the asshole-list dallas tv show. you are so full of shit, yer teeth stink.

  • CBRad

    @bobo: Well…..maybe they’re all just hoping the scriptwriters will end the show with those rich nasty gays going off to the guillotine.

  • SisterUnity

    @Jim Hlavac:
    this is a spurious claim, unproven and desperate. The wide and diverse group comprising the protesters support good capitalist practices and laud corporations that do well by decent standards, Apple, for example. They decry the robber baron behavior of those who abuse the beneficial capitalist system for their own greed to the detriment of all Americans. For those dismissing their protest I ask, who did you think perpetrated the 2008 collapse upon us?

  • Interesting

    A part of the system of economic inequality is the process by which the haves deny to the have not based on minority status. That’s true whether its race or sexual orientation. If you look at the economic data (you know the thing the conservatives along this thread and some in the gay rights movement refuse to look at) gays are poorer than our straight counter parts. That means in a practical sense that not only does homophobia hit us hard, but so does the economic climate in general. Why? Because if you make less money, if you are a part of the 99% as most gays are by fact of being poorer than straights, then you are going to be someone who is going to be even more impacted by the economic corruption in this country. I know many conservatives don’t get this. They love to look at the word atomized and disconnected rather than as a system of forces at play. Well, except if its government, and then they rant on mindlessly about that rather than asking the right questions. I don’t expect this to cut through the fog of crazies who post here. I just thought in a world in which we find that gays are less likely to be hired for jobs because they are gays, where we are more likely to be poor, that it would be self evident why the gay rights movement (which is in part an economics rights movement since marriage equality is about the 1200 – many of them economic rights- rights that we are seeking) and in a world where we are less likely (to the tune of 30000 to 400000 over a life time) to have money because its taken away from us based on being gay- well- I thought it would be obvious why we have a link to this- its about liberation. If you don’t appreciate that as far as solidarity, then you aren’t a part of the gay liberation movement.

  • Interesting

    @SisterUnity: The really strange thing about the reactionaries are this point is how extreme they are. Unless its crony capitalism, then its “not real capitalism.” I was listening to this Republican (which made me long for the days of moderate Republicans like Teddy Roosovelt (a bit before my life time but i can read the history books) who was ranting on about how we should give the public lands to private corporations, and all I could think was Teddy Roosovelt, a Republican, but moderate one, must be turning over in his grave as he was the one who came up with the idea of having a public trust. Now, if anything remotely has the smell of the common good, the nut jobs foam at the mouth, and strangely, people who know can not have money on this site because well- people with real money would not be posting here- are ranting for corruption or in favor of it. As I talked to a friend a few weeks ago, he reminds me that this is not even about anti-business. He runs a business. He support OWS because as he points out the financial system is screwing his business too. That despite his business being profitable he has all these issues that comes from the way the system is wrong and that its weight toward the big multinationals rather than small businesses. And I could relate because I run my own business, but it was actually a reminder of how strange the reactionary types are who are not a part of the elite. I mean- what are they defending at this point? The right to plunder our society by passing money from the bottom up to the top? Its really strange.

  • Ray

    @Libertarian Larry: You need to look at the real OWS pictures and you’ll see the real diversity. These are just jerk off pictures Queerty came up with.

  • Interesting

    Another point: OWS is not one organization. It is many. Essentially, these are organizations working in solidarity. Anyone trying to label it as one organization under one umbrella will likely be confused by what they see. For example, there is an Occupy The Hood that’s a spin off that’s growing in Black and Latino inner city communities that’s coming out of OWS. The key argument is that our political system is corrupted by large corporate/elite interests, and that the political process does not work, but the movement itself seeks to be, so far, outside of the normal electoral politics of Democrats and Republicans. This differs significantly from the Tea Party, which was first and foremost a conservative wing of the GOP trying to gain voice, rather than a social movement.

  • Kev C

    The OWS isn’t as disorganized as it looks, but they represent the very rich and powerful.

    Gentlemen. As you know, heterosexuals – as a whole, have caused an enormous amount of damage to the GLBT community – as a whole. Money from lost jobs, lost benefits and damages to health, property, status, and other matters. For this, we demand of the Occupy Wall Street protestors …. ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

  • Interesting

    @Kev C: First claim that it has not connection. Then when you are presented with the connection you make an absurd claim about what the movement is about. This is exactly why I find reactionaries so hard. You can’t argue the substance. So you make shit up, and living off your own delusions, argue based on that. Its really strange. Why can’t you discuss the substance of how things relate? And please don’t tell me its silly, back up your statement with logic and facts rather than hyperbole and dismissal. You want know why you can’t do that? And its not because are on a blog or I am stupid. Its because you don’t have any arguments. You just have put downs. That makes you weak and ultimately someone who is small.

  • Interesting

    I did a quick google search just to see what I would find of “financial crisis 2008” and gay, and I found this to illustrate a point:

    “If you think that we can be a society that kills our own, and that disregards the family and the important role it plays, and doesn’t teach moral values and the important role of faith in the public square, and then expect people to be good, decent and moral when they behave economically, if you look at the root cause of the economic problems that we’re dealing with on Wall Street and Main Street I might add, from 2008, they were huge moral failings. And you can’t say that we’re gonna take morality out of the public square, morality out of our schools, God out of our schools, and then expect people to behave decently in a country that requires, capitalism requires some strong modicum of moral consciousness if it’s gonna be successful.”

    Its an illustration of how social issues are often used by reactionaries and the elite to maintain power in this society. It wasn’t corruption in the form of economic greed that caused 2008- no it was moral corruption because society is becoming more tolerant of gays. Indeed, this is a repeated cycle in America. When addressing the issue of low income whites being poor in the South, the white slave owners blamed the slaves and ex slaves for plight of the low income whites. A tried and true way the elite keeps power is to blame a minority. Any minority because (a) it works with the majority and (b) they know uncle toms in the group being demonized will race out to defend the demonization.

  • SisterUnity

    @Jim Hlavac:
    agreed! who paid all the Fox news people to post on here??

  • SisterUnity

    @Interesting: Please forgive this analogy, but into my head keeps popping “Warsaw Ghetto”.

  • Kev C

    @Interesting: Hey, you want a connection? The OWS is connected to labor union organizing. The same labor unions who preach support for glbts yet whose record is dismal and filled with discrimination in employment of gays, lack of support for benefits, and includes harrassment of gay workers. It’s a terrible record and yet that’s who these protestors are in bed with.

  • Andy

    Did I accidentally click over to Fox News? Jesus Christ, some of these comments are as ignorant as those I would expect from Bill O’Reilly’s viewers. Get a grip and learn some facts, people.

  • Interesting

    @Kev C: You keep changing the subject. I can understand why. You originally stated that gay rights has nothing to do with OWS, which is about economic issues. I provided some links on the connection, and you respond by lying. We are on the internet. Anything you say can be looked up. So what’s the point of lying?

  • Timmmeeeyyy!!!

    So let’s sum this up.

    The OWS movement is just a bunch of worthless hippies, but it’s actually organized by brilliant evil left-wing America haters.

    The movement hates rich people but it’s backed by billionaires.

    The movement was started by Obama to divert the American attention, yet the protests are highly critical of his policies.

    The movement is totally disorganized, but able to mobilize hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

    The movement will accomplish nothing, but has already changed the conversation in our cities and capitals.

    Cities are worried about sanitation in the camps but refuse to allow the groups to install port-a-potties and dumpsters.

    Cities are worried about violence, but the only violence we’re seeing is the police attacking protesters.

    The protesters, who are unemployed, are hiring homeless people at $10/hour to occupy the parks. It’s all being organized by ACORN, a group that no longer exists.

    It’s racist and anti-gay, yet most of the occupied cities have set up Caucuses for LGBT groups, people of color, and ethnic groups. All the people of color I’ve actually seen by visiting two occupied cities don’t really exist.

    Wanting to end to corporate corruption and politicians for hire, restore real democracy, make healthcare affordable and available, make higher education affordable, share community costs equitably, protect your country’s natural resources, and leave a better world for your children — those activities are positively unAmerican. Exercising your first amendment right to peacefully assemble and petition the government to redress grievances is also unAmerican.

    Occupy Together is DEMOCRACY, government crackdowns of protests is FASCISM.
    If that’s to real for you to handle, then here’s a photo of a policeman petting a little kitty.

  • JoeyB

    They all look dirty and skanky.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    A real protest, one with a specific message, lasts one afternoon. These flakes have adopted anarchy into a lifestyle of living on the street. In our society we call these people “bums.” Their parents must be so proud.

  • GOD (gay old dude)

    That’s funny. You guys are so blinded by your uber-liberalism that any dissenting opinion must be an infiltration by Fox News. You would get serious points for originality if you chose a different boogeyman for a change (but then again, no one ever accused you OWS supporters of being original).

  • Spike

    Leave it to Queerty to trivialize the effort to bring to light the extreme income/economic inequality that has been brought about by decades of Republican driven deregulation to nothing more then a photo album that highlights young guys nipples and arm pit hair.

  • xander

    This movement isn’t a flash in the pan : it’s already lasted longer and spread further than expected. To be sure, it started with various groups sharing nothing but an enemy in common (Wall Street) but those groups have been joined by others with more coherent agendas.

    How this all will play out is hard to predict, but I don’t think the ‘powers that be’ can ignore that people with little history of protesting ARE getting involved and that ‘business as usual’ will be hard to maintain in the face of growing protests.

    And the two semi-organized events in which I (we) partipated weren’t flying any rainbow flags, per se, but the LGB presence was hard to miss. It was not just the unemployed and dispossessed, but a lot of youngish professionals and people whose econ status has slid far ad fast.

  • Timmmeeeyyy!!!

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:
    “A real protest, one with a specific message, lasts one afternoon.”

    It’s a good thing you weren’t in charge of the civil rights movement, stonewall, nuclear nonproliferation, anti-Vietnam movement, or anti-aparteid. None of these things would have been accomplished with your idea of “real” protest. Fighting injustice and systematic oppression sometimes takes more than a free Saturday and a few pieces of poster board. I suppose you’d like them to apply for a “free speech zone” as well.

    And yes, many of their parents and grandparents are proud of them. Some of their parents and grandparents are protesting alongside them.

  • Ian

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: “A real protest, one with a specific message, lasts one afternoon. These flakes have adopted anarchy into a lifestyle of living on the street. In our society we call these people “bums.”

    What an idiotic and completely uninformed thing to say.

  • Kev C

    @Interesting: I didn’t read a word of your long posts. So whatever your jibbering about, stop it.

  • Ian

    @GOD (gay old dude): “I’m genuinely confused by these people, because of their eclectic and diverse demands. The problem with them is, there’s no unified message, other than “corporations are bad” and “money is bad” — but what’s the answer? For corporations to fold and take their ill-gotten profits and spread them around to the poor? Uh, yeah, sure, right. As someone who has a little bit of savings tucked away that I intend to support me until I die, I object to a bunch of angry protesters demanding I take it and hand it out to anyone who feels “less fortunate” than me, becasue in my experience, “less fortunate” translates into “less motivated to work,” and sorry, but I’m not giving a dime I’ve worked hard for to someone who refuses to work at all.”

    If you are confused, as you say, then take some time to inform yourself about the movement. There are plenty of news outlets, blogs, independent journalists, and others covering the movement. Try reading Chris Hedge’s articles or watching Democracy Now, for example. (Also, read or or or The Nation or the Progressive or Terrance McNally or Joseph Steiglitz or any number of others providing good insights) Don’t bother with conventional news outlets (CNN, NPR, the networks, Fox, etc.) as their coverage has been atrocious.

  • Timmmeeeyyy!!!

    @GOD (gay old dude):

    In your fear of the government taking your money and handing it out to people less fortunate than you, you seem to be missing the point that the government is taking your money and handing it out to people much much richer than you. (See TARP, bailouts, no-bid contracts, congressional pork, nepotism, property tax abatements, capital gains vs income tax, infrastructre grants, enterprise zones, job training grants, )

    Just one example in New York State: GlobalFoundries is creating a SemiConductor Chip Plant in Malta. They will eventually hire 1,800 people. But in order to get those jobs, tax payers are picking up the bill to the tune of $4.2 billion. That’s $2.3 million per job. There’s no way tax payers will recoup that kind of investment. And those sorts of corporate giveaways are happening throughout the US. You probably even have one in your area.

  • declanto

    How pathetic that even a half-assed discussion of OWS has to take place beneath a banner of “Naked nipples and armpit hair”. And how very revealing that the victims i.e. the LGBTQ community displlay all the symptons of the Stockholm syndrome and desperately cling to their captive slave status rather than rally with those who want to change the very systematic failures that hold them captive. OWS demands justice for those who pillaged the national treasury by predatory lending practices, usurped the supreme court, incorporated the electoral process and effectively ended the one-man-one-vote system of the nation. The participants may not fit your dainty ideals of someone you want to have sex with, but they’re real live people who’ve committed themselves to change in a non-violent manner. What I find truly revolting is people who view others exclusively in a sexual way, making them nothing more that a weight of animated meat. You’re disgustingly shallow.

  • Ian

    @Timmmeeeyyy!!!: RE your post #39, thanks for a great summation. Marry me? :)

  • declanto

    @Kev C: “I didn’t read a word of your long posts. So whatever your jibbering about, stop it.” Loud ignorance and holding of the ears, Puh-leeeze. “Don’t confuse me with the facts.”

  • GOD (gay old dude)

    @Timmmeeeyyy!!!: You’re exactly right—which is why OWS should be OWH–Occupy the White House—since they’re the ones who gratutitously threw cash around to these corporate bozos and then claimed “We can’t object to their $30 million retirement bonuses, it was in their contract.” Occupying Wall Street is like those who are in favor of welfare reform “occupying” Harlem. Don’t blame the whore, who just wants to earn a buck, blame the pimp who’s exploiting her. I know that’s a tortured metaphore, but when you think about it, it begins to make sense.

  • Ian

    @GOD (gay old dude): Wow, you could not have it more backwards. You really think that big-finance/banks are being “exploited” by government??? WTF. Our government is essentially owned by big-finance/Wall Street and does its bidding. Look at recent history for ample evidence.

  • declanto

    @GOD (gay old dude): Oh, GOD, the whore is in WashingtoN.The true sluts are in Wall Street.

  • B

    Judging from QUEERTY’s title and choice of pictures, the primary way you tell if someone is one of “our boys” is the lack of a shirt.

  • mike

    oh my, I just have no idea what’s been going on in the world for the last decade. I just don’t understand why people would even be upset!! yep everything looks pretty damn hunky dory if you ask me — and I don’t even read the news!

    what do they want? hmm let’s see…..

    End the wars
    Tax the rich
    Feed the poor
    House the homeless

    Gosh what else could it be?

    Hold a single banker accountable for fucking us all up the ass?

    Oh yeah I forgot this had nothing to do with LGBT’s so we don’t need to be down there. Except for the fact that gay men earn on average *less than* straight men, which means more of us are part of the 99% but hey… if it’s not explicitly something GAYYYYYY then we don’t have to care about it right?

    And yes the boys at my city’s occupy are also very very cute which doesn’t hurt things now does it?

  • Lefty

    @mike: Excellent post!!! :D

  • Interesting

    @Kev C: Your prior response was specific. So you are lying about not reading. Its like you are a teenager.

  • Kev C

    @Interesting: You addressed me and I replied. I wasn’t specific, I was ranting. Labor unions are homophobic. More gays work at Corporate jobs than Big Labor type jobs. Or even Municipal Labor type jobs. Gays are more likely to be in management as well. What are the Unions protesting? Maybe the fact that Corporations hire gays and Labor unions fire gays.

  • Interesting

    @Kev C: Yet another shift in the story. A liar on top of being an idelogical nutjob.

  • Kev C

    @Interesting: I show you the courtesy of a reply and you insult me? Hey, fuck off. Stop attacking me, you filthy homophobe!

  • macmantoo

    @doug105: I agree with you. Sounds like we’ve gotten Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly in here today.

    The point behind OWS is simple, but true, not defined. You have businesses making record profits while laying off hard workers and still giving their CEO’s major major bonuses. You have Wall Streetand banks who was bailed out by the government after causing the worst crisis in the US since the Depression giving out mega bonuses again yet there are people still losing their homes, their jobs and everything they owned which was caused by the GREED OF THESE PEOPLE.

    I’m a government employee for a republican county in Nevada. We’re taking major cuts in our pay as well as 1/2 of our labor force being laid off and this has been going on for 4 years. The Republican Party will not be happy until minimum wage is BELOW $5 AN HOUR. It’s going to happen with people like those posting on here who doesn’t care. Most gays should care, many of us are single with no other source of income. When our pay is cut or we’re laid off, that’s it we don’t have the partners- the husband or wife to support us.

    And just for the record the second and the last were the cutest. Just the opinion of an old man who has seen a lot in many years.

  • Idi Amin Dada

    It’s interesting how many queers have bought into the Faux News narrative of OWS.

  • CBRad

    @Idi Amin Dada: Fox News ? I don’t know all of their positions but it’s HuffPo and Towleroad that seem to be putting OWS down the most, and HuffPo pointing out the anti-Semitic links.

  • Interesting

    @Kev C: Argument change number, what is this? 5 or 6? I really have stopped counting. I think its pretty much clear you want to come here, throw out your Fox News talking point and not be questioned about it. Good luck with that.

  • Interesting

    @CBRad: Yes, Fox News. Foaming at the mouth attacks on OWS because its not reactionary. Changing the news organization does not change the nature of the attack.

  • occ_euro

    From the european perspective I really would agree that OWS also supports LGBT issues. It’s clearly about (real) freedom for anyone and same rights and possibilities for anyone. Maybe the Fox News people here don’t understand but capitalism is mainly build on a sick “people against people” system. The LGBT community around the world should fight against such anti-human systems cause there’s a lot of hate in such societies – also against gays and other minorities… It’s really ridicolous how people can believe in those dumb tea-party-propaganda or in Fox News. Btw. at european OWS-protest there are many cute boys, too.

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