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PHOTOS: Our Boys At (Economic) War During Occupy Los Angeles

At Queerty, the only thing we love more than activism is cute guys. We found plenty of both at Occupy Wall Street, so we sent star photographer Byron Motley to Occupy L.A. in downtown El Ay, figuring he could capture more. We’re down with rectifying economic disparity, but there’s no law saying we can’t peruse for our Future Husband while getting the message out, rght?

Sure enough, Motley came back with a stunning slideshow of comely models activists, who seem to spend a lot of time playing guitar, sloganeering, sleeping and, of course, posing in cute 99% gear. We can’t vouch for the sexual orientation of any of these fellows, but the Oscar Wilde quote (above) might be a tip off.

And we do know that the nationwide Occupy movement has a large LGBT contingent—unlike the lily-white Tea Party movement, everyone feels welcome.


Images via Byron Motley


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