Working Model

PHOTOS: Plummer’s Cracks


WORKING MODEL — Yes, Hugh Plummer has done some nude modeling. Most of it’s pretty tasteful! The former personal trainer has been seen in DNA and some underwear campaigns, none of which distracts from the fact that Mr. Plummer has a name built for porn. Which, as far as we can tell, he’s never done. (Photos: DFA PHOTO, Hotsnapz, Jonathan Bayley, UK Male, Gary Holmes, Valerhon, John Clark, Gavin Harrison)

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  • MW

    #16 … wow

  • Mark.of.Antares

    Now *that’s* tasteful hair.

    Very nice!

  • AlanInSLC


    screw 16, how bout 19? Yum!!!

  • Ed

    Well, 4 & 8 are sure showing a lot…wow.

  • Terry

    #15 – very nice

  • tavdy79

    Good news for those lads who like the accent: he’s British.

    Good news for me: he’s still living my side of the pond.

    Good news for everyone who thinks he’s hot: there are plenty of nude shots if you do a quick google.

  • Thomas

    Absolutely stunning! And I didn’t mind clicking through the pictures one-at-a-time [slowly] at all. :)

  • Oh Charlie

    OH MY!!!…he is all HELL-of-FINE….NOW HE SHOULD OF BEEN the MG for the day or for that matter, for the FUCKin week

  • Chitown Kev

    Yeah, I took a sneak peak at that pic 4. This man is delicious.

  • Licky

    Where are the naked gay men leaning against trees staring quietly into the distance?

  • allancsn

    Now that’s more like it. There’s something very attractive about no.4. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

  • alejandro


  • sal

    me like


    which picture is Gavin Harrison’s work?

  • oneway

    OMG! I’m gonna faint! Worth clicking through every last picture.. Hey, Queerty, give us more like this and you won’t get a single complaint about the clicking… Wow.

  • hardmannyc

    He may wear a crotch, but his phallus follows the tribe of Abraham, LOL.

  • Mint Male

    These are amazing!!! so hot…check out Mint a new gay men’s lifestlye online magazine

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    thanks guys

  • alan brickman

    hairy and sexy don’t be jealous…

  • Scott


  • amazingpenis

    #6. They say the modelling world is run by gays and I think it shows…

  • OMG

    He’s cut, which is too bad, but for the rest: OMFG! Wat a total babe. And hung like a horse too (google!). :-D

    Are we sure he’s British though? Brits have foreskin you know…

  • timncguy

    @OMG: I did a google search and didn’t find any nude pics at all. Can you help the rest of us out here with a link please?

  • KyleR

    With #8 it looks like hes really into it! HAHA! Man. What a MAN!! YUM!!!!!

  • Kary

    I love validation for my gay perversion. And this PUPPY IS IT!

  • AJ

    Wow, he is a big boy, isn’t he?

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