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PHOTOS: Pro wrestler Anthony Bowens strips down and opens up

Instastud Anthony Bowens is foregoing his clothes in the February edition of Gay Times.

In a new interview with the magazine, the 28-year-old pro wrestler talks about coming out as gay, after previously coming out as bisexual.

“I truly believe that sexuality does exist on a spectrum,” he says. “There are so many different people with so many different descriptions of how they identify.”

He continues: “I’m friends with a lot of people who identify as bisexual, and some are 50/50, others lean towards guys, and others lean towards girls. That’s why I don’t like labels in general, because everybody’s so unique. You can’t really pinpoint one specific thing to a person.”

Bowens made headlines in March 2017 when he came out as bisexual. He made headlines again this month when he came out as gay, saying “As you get older, your viewpoints change. The way you look at the world changes. The way you look at yourself changes.”

Prior to coming out as gay, Bowens says that biphobia directed at him from other members of the LGBTQ community was perhaps the “biggest” issues he had coming out the first time around.

“We get judged by so many people in this world,” he says, “so to take that judgement and turn it around on somebody within the community who’s already struggling with other issues, when they’re looking for support, I think that’s horrible.”

Interestingly, Bowens says he received an outpouring of support from the wrestling community.

“If anything, it’s made my relationships with a lot of my co-workers and the other wrestlers a lot stronger,” he explains, “because I’m not hiding anymore. They like the fact that I can openly be myself.’

Bowens believes most of the homophobia in sports boils down to the same thing: the false idea that LGBTQ athletes are at least partially there to creep around the locker room, a claim he calls “ridiculous”.

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