PHOTOS: LGBT Filmmakers Congregate At Sundance’s Queer Brunch

Evan Mulvihill has been reporting live from the best gay-interest screenings, parties and panels at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. (PS: Check in on our sister site, GayCities, if you’re there!)

On Sunday the Queer Brunch, hosted by Outfest—L.A.’s legendary LGBT film festival—brought out queer filmmakers like Ira Sachs (Keep the Lights On), David France (How to Survive a Plague), Kyle Henry and Carlos Trevino (Fourplay), Aurora Guerrero and Erin Greenwell, as well as journalists, distributors and industry insiders.

Above, Greenwell gets a little choked up about how much Outfest has supported her and her latest film, My Best Day.

Check out the pics on the next pages and see what everyone else had to say about the festival.

Mike Manning and Jay Xudan

Activist and former Real World cast member Mike Manning (above left) who famously came out as bisexual in his season, is now trying to transition into film. At this brunch, we overheard the hottie talking about his “girlfriend,” so we’re guessing he’s not fooling around with dudes currently. (Call us when you switch teams, Mike.)


Elliott Elsner, GLAAD’s Events Coordinator

Eisner tells Queerty he’s sad the Queer Lounge was absent this year again. GLAAD still hosted a few events at the festival, though.


Matthew Lyon, Tony Hobday, Michael Aaron

These gays hail from, ahem, the gayest city in America, Salt Lake City. Tony and Michael are editors at Q Salt Lake, the city’s biweekly gay magazine. Bloody Marys confirm their homosexuality.


All The Gay Filmmakers With Films At Sundance

Including director Ira Sachs (far left), whom Queerty interviewed about Keep The Lights On.

Joy Tomchin and David France, producer and director/writer of How To Survive A Plague

David France, a journalist who has covered the AIDS epidemic extensively, premiered his powerful documentary How To Survive A Plague at Sundance. We implore everyone to go push for a screening in your part of the country. Queerty’s interview with France is forthcoming.

A Fan With Filmmakers Kyle Henry and Carlos Trevino

We’re fans of Kyle’s and Carlos’, too! Here’s an interview we did with the Fourplay: Tampa filmmakers.

Christopher Racster, Director of Individual Giving at Outfest

Support Outfest and support great queer film.


Derek Curl (far right), President and CEO of TLA Releasing

TLA Releasing chief Derek Curl tells us, “Keep The Lights On is the best of the breed this year. Ira Sachs is such a talent, and revealing the biopic nature of the picture was not only brave but devastating in its truthfulness.” Perhaps he’ll pick it up!


Stephanie Laffin, Brett Peters, and Jordan Katnik of the It Gets Better Project


Evan Mulvihill and Jason Klorfein

The writer (left) and his friend Jason Klorfein, assistant to Ira Sachs.

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