PHOTOS: Pump It Up Inside Denmark’s All-Nude, All-Male Gym

Hot, sweaty men doing squats and lifting weights. Grunting. Panting. Muscles bulging. And testosterone oozing from their pores. Sounds like a dream come true to us! And at a new Crossfit facility in Denmark, it is.

Every Sunday night, ripped men strip down to just their socks and work out together at a CrossFit in Aarhus, Denmark.

“People are already so scantily clad at Crossfit that we thought we might as well throw the rest away,” Steffen Haldrup Andersen, the brainchild behind the naked Crossfit team, says.

Sound too good to be true? We have photographic evidence.

Check out these photos from inside the gym. And if you’re feeling hot and bothered, follow us into the locker room for even more fun.

(Click image for uncensored NSFW version.)