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  • drooler

    Sexy. It’s nice to see a man with proportionally big muscles.

  • BK

    The body of a god but the face of a goon.

  • KWil

    :O Why study for exams when you can burn your corneas ogling possibly the hottest thing queery has posted in, like, ever. Owwww, hurts so good!

  • BK

    And holy sh*t who’s the other guy in number 23?

  • Drew

    WoW – that’s a man’s man. Not sure that all 34 photos are necessary, but what a stud!!


    Dr.Frankenstein forgot to install the bolts! :-p

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    Who’s the other guy, the one in pic #14? He should have been the morning goods…his legs are even more amazing and he has the face of an angel. Frankenstein is cute too but nothing like this other guy…

  • Tessie Tura

    @BK: So are we to presume that you have both the body and face of a god? Put up or shut up, Mary. Until then, this guy will do just fine. Can’t see his face when he’s sitting on mine.

  • Plazaboy

    Can’t see his face when mine is down in the pillow! Wow Queerty, this may be my favorite morning goods yet…..

  • scott ny'er

    #18 is an interesting shot with an interesting pose. I like those white briefs.

  • declanto

    #14, I wanna get his rock off.

  • Jason

    I would let him crush me with those thighs, fuck me in every hole I have and make more if he wants to…

  • declanto

    This is the true definition of “brutally handsome. Jason! Finally we agree on something! How nice :-)

  • whatever

    @BK: I was thinking Lurch.

  • Jason

    The second guy in #18 is fucking awsesome as well.

    I am always a fan of a the “bulge from behind” or “package from behind.”

    This is the first time I have actually clicked through ALL off the pics.

  • Jason

    Fuck My God.

    Yes, I know that I have gushed several times now, but I am just taken aback at how hot this guy is.

    He is the type you have over for dinner, then fuck his brains out, then go out for greasy Chinese food at 2AM then let him fuck your brains out, then cook breakfast for after you have nestled yourself between his MASSIVE THIGHS for several hours.

    Then you take him to meet your parents, have sex in the truck before you go into the house to meet said parents then buy a fixer upper in a recently gentrified area of town and live happily ever after with!

    Oh, did I mention that you pound him frequently and vice versa?

  • Jason

    FUCK MY GAWD 2.0!

    He plays football in my hometown: Missoula, MT!!!

  • MarkOfAntares

    Morning Goods FAIL

  • Samwise

    SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS. #2 is like… wow. Words. Not… good… in brain.

  • Jigae

    This is the best thing you’ve ever posted. Thank you. I love you.

  • Jigae

    11, 13, 14, 19, 21, 22… oh 22.

  • jeffree

    I applaud Q’ty for showing men of various types. Man is sure built fine !

    He’s not my cuppa tea, but hey, that’s why we’re celebrating *DIVERSITY* at Pride through out the world this month !
    Different folks like different folks!

  • Hilarious

    #23 is my favorite.

  • alan brickman

    Finally a real man!!!! clicked everyone… stop being so jealous…


    LOVE the “IDEA” of that jacket,think it can be done better & THEN TONY would wear it with matching earrings :-)…very kool!…and these pics are all mostly drooling hot

    HAPPY PRIDE TO ALL AND for JUDY SHEPHARD, who will be at the head of our parade(I believe)..I know she’s here…both HER & her husband got into something in their lives they could never possible have wanted..but they have helped so many young gay kids around the world..thank you to the Shephards


  • fredo777

    #18. as was said, that other dude’s bulge is fantastic.


    why does everyone like pic #23?? because one guy is being treated like an animal??…even above all that,I am not crazy for this pic and it’s not because of the cage…


    I can not speak Ive’ lost the ability and will to speak all i can do is type and thi si what i have to say——— AUH THOSE LEGS THE POW ER HOW SO STRONG THEY I THEY NEED THEM WAPPPPPPED AAARRROOOUNNNND ME TI GGGGHT AA RRROUND MMMMEEEEE


    now #18 are some fuckin hot legz…wrap them around me baby

  • Oh boy

    Wow! #5 is smoking hot! Damn! He sure is sure open to risque poses. No inhibition there. Love it. Beautiful build – handsome rugged face.

  • Oh boy

    Also – you gotta a love a guy who doe snot mind bending over in a cage.

  • Shawn

    Pretty much my ideal looking guy.

  • Mysanthropic Destiny

    I honestly thought this was the guy who played Jaws in the James Bond movies when he was younger oO

  • Uppity

    Great pix .. I’ve seen many photographers and models try the style of pic 2, and fail. It succeeds on every level.

  • fredo777

    @Cassie James: Please be informed that we’re tired of you lot spamming every other model’s page with warnings that some random person is a scammer. Get the hell out of here.

  • Mike

    He looks best in number thirty-one. No airbrushing, no goonish expression, and he doesn’t look the least bit gaunt- just his natural, bulky, sexy and handsome self… Save for the broad standing next to him. She can go ahead and scoot on out of there. : )

  • Sexy Rexy

    A REAL man in Morning Goods? I’m at the wrong website.

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