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PHOTOS: Revolver Comes Full Circle in Los Angeles

In the early ’80s, Revolver was the gay MTV generation’s go-to spot to suck down cheap drinks and watch the latest (now fantastically dated) music videos projected on a huge screen above the bar. Then the ’90s came along and like so many gay bars before it, Revolver’s door stopped, well, revolving. The swanky East/West Lounge took over its piece of prime real estate on Santa Monica Blvd., just across the street from what is now Eleven and just a stones throw from The Abbey.

And since the bar scene is about as unsteady and unpredictable as you are after you’ve visited your fourth one in a single night, Revolver has come full circle. The updated version is still video-centric, but the decor (and prices) have been brought up to speed. Here’s some shots from the opening night party.

This begs the question: What gay bar would you love to see make a comeback and reopen?

Images via David Khinda