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  • BK

    Cute guy, nice smile, but I’m not digging the ink.

  • Anyway

    Let’s save you the clicks. Hot chest/abs in all pics, no VPL, nice bush in #4 & 32, yummy pic in #24, but otherwise nothing unique after, say, pic #10. Digging the guy though — very hot and actually smiles.

  • Drew

    Very cute guy. Like the ink in some pics (he’s incredibly sexy in #28), but not in others. Really like #32… I’m sure it’s because he’s goodlooking and there’s the outline of his cock. Guess I’m just primal this morning (and horny! HA!!)

  • dellisonly

    He is sexy. If the Ed Hardy inspired ink bothers you direct yourself to 7&8

  • dellisonly

    @dellisonly: did i say 8? meant 6. distracted by the tighty whitey hotness


    #s 8 & 32: Can’t we get some kind of boycott going on boxers? aka “grampy panties”? :-p

  • OhCharlie

    HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!!….and oh yeah, effin a HOT!!…love the ink, awesome bod, and great smile…I am bonner happy for todays MGs

  • Brad

    H.O.T. Yummy! The tats are the icing on the cake. Dude is delicious.

  • jeffree

    He’s very versatile — as a model. He can go from mild to wild in 0.5 seconds, and then back again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Remind me to take Portuguese lessons! And book a flight to Rio.

    The tatts were temporary, right?

  • Couldn´t Care Less

    Not really into that “ex-convict” look…!

  • whatever

    ugly tattoos. laser surgery is going to be booming in 25 years time with all these 20-30 somethings realize that forearm, neck and finger tattoos weren’t such a bright idea.

  • Black Pegasus

    Pic# 10 is my Fav!

    I just love the lite fur on a Man’s Legs and Ass.
    It’s the epitome of Masculinity.
    I wish modern porn would recognize this, and
    stop shaving their porn actors to make
    them look like a bunch of sanitized sissies.

  • Lizcivious

    I’m in love. He looks like he’d be fun both in and out of bed.

  • Steven W

    Looks a bit orlando bloom.

  • mark

    Pistol tat is GENIUS….the rest of him is hot too

  • Shawn

    Hot guy but the gun pointed at the crotch area is a ridiculous cliche at this point.

  • Scot

    5 years ago chose Mateus as “the boy” for one of their photo spreads. He was totally hot then – very little ink – and he seems to have only gotten better. I’m not a big fan of ink, seems to “carny” for me but I’m old fashioned that way. That smile and that body, DAMN! That’s one hot Brazillian.
    These shots from JUNIOR magazine are part of a huge layout he did for them. A little searching around on the web is completely worth it. Start at Made in Brazil.

  • Bisexual Vampire

    The man look good in some tighty whites. If all men in Brazil look like this, I am moving to Brazil. I don’t like all the tatoos, but I can learn to live with them between the sheets in bed making love to him. I can’t want for my True Blood to return to HBO this Sunday and see my Jason Stackhouse in his tight whities. :)

  • Alexander

    One of my favorite bois )

  • Sexy Rexy

    The Brazilian men I’ve known have had better butts than this one.

  • Jesse Helms

    @Sexy Rexy: Why are you looking at another man’s ass? Are you a pervert or freak? How many Brazilians have you slept with and have any of them been negro Brazilians?


    # 10 get me stiff and hard, it`s springs and I am ready for breeding. AdamHomo

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