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  • declanto

    Small wonder, he’s in the shallow end of the pool. Ten clicks and I give up.

  • Daniel

    So so pretty… but so so little!

  • Drew

    Very very cute guy. I’m torn though between Queerty posting us many photos for variety verses posting fewer photos but having them represent the model better. Oh well… he’s pretty. Not 41 photos worth… but pretty.

  • Rick Brannon

    A little to “right off the boat for me.”

  • alejandro

    @Daniel: little as in height? dick size?? XD

  • Tackle

    41 clicks is extreme. So I randomly clicked a few and discovered half a cake shot #40. Yum!

  • dvlaries

    No slight intended to Romulo, but this morning it feels like the one man deserving of all our oogling is Vaughn Walker.

  • Tangelo

    Very cute but very ho-hum photos. Not a single one was a keeper IMHO. Here’s hoping he gets to work with a photographer with an eye for capturing the beauty of the male form and all the beauty this guy has to offer. Oh, and that they are put into the web at a decent pixel dimension.


  • Philip A.

    handsome boy but seemed like he does not know how to act in the front of camera or the photos are too bad!

  • mrpeenee

    What a collection of random pictures. #20 is just his feet, albeit with his legs apparently crossed in a very lady-like fashion.

  • Jack E. Jett

    Let me know when you get back to the audults. And the dick.

  • hephaestion

    @Tangelo: I agree. This guy is gorgeous but these photos are terrible. He needs to find another photographer pronto.

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