PHOTOS: Scruff’s New Model Ross Will Be in the Palm of Your Hands


PHOTOS: Winter’s over and the everyone’s finally coming out of hibernation, which is where Ross Milam must have been all our lives. We were lucky enough to get our sweaty paws on the new SCRUFF cover model, who comes to us exclusively from our friends at the popular social app.

Hailing from Portland, OR, Ross is both an accomplished athlete and scholar. He wrestled at the national level for his college team — of which he was the only openly gay member — and holds degrees in math and biology.

SCRUFF co-founder Johnny Skandros met Ross at Lazy Bear, an annual event held in Guerneville, CA where Ross literally took his breath away by lifting him up and throwing him over his shoulder. They kept in contact for over a year and this spring SCRUFF flew Ross to New York where he did the shoot.

Meanwhile, you can search for Ross in Portland under his member name, badpuppy —  but if you can’t wait, you’ll have to be satisfied with this sexy photoshoot. Take a woof.

Photos: SCRUFF


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  • Charles

    Just like I have experienced… Scruff is becoming more and more like Grindr and this model is more aimed at the high profile mainstream pretty guys rather than the regular guys it started out catering to. Sad!

  • yaoming

    Also sad not to see his fuzzy butt.

  • Dixie Rect

    Nice to see a smile (#8) as opposed to the angry, pouty, bored looking, expressionless models that Queerty loves to show us.

  • CarlIsle

    Ross is hot and it’s an improvement on seeing Johnny’s photoshopped photos every time I wait for Scruff to load, however I’d rather see different guys featured instead of the same guy every time.


    What? no butt? no thank you :-( AdamHomo

  • viveutvivas

    Yeah he’s hot. Nice smile too.

  • balehead

    Lots of jealous on here…as usual…

  • brad81

    Ross is an amazing man inside and out – humble, sweet, and smart. SCRUFF couldn’t have found a better guy to represent their brand.

  • Ferman

    @Charles: I am getting tired of it too, seems to me half of these “featured” guys are always too good to talk to you anyhow. Scruff is for NORMAL guys, as advertised years ago when I got the app, but they consistently feature men who are stocky and built. I’m getting tired of it, honestly. They need to broaden their spectrum a bit to all men, not just what fits their ego. Definitely use Hornet more, now…

  • hf2hvit

    @DOFEK: Bet his ass looks like a wall with a hole in it…

  • NateB79

    Wow…those legs.

  • dogstar_bln

    He’s absolutely gorgeous… but…. shaved armpits? Really, Scruff?

  • xanderbear

    He’s a gorgeous guy that’s for sure. However the app Scruff is lost on me. When it first started out I felt it was welcoming and friendly. But as time progressed the guys on the app become more like mean girls gone bad. I was messaged by a guy on there who told me that Im to fat and ugly to be on Scruff. I agreed and deleted my account and the app. Ive since been loving on Growlr which is welcoming to ALL types of men.

  • brad81

    @xanderbear: I have to respectfully disagree. I’ve had good and bad experiences on all the apps – including Growlr. SCRUFF is by far my favorite and far superior than all the rest with features and men.

  • cghmid

    I just passed out…….

  • Gregg

    All HOT pics, but my fav would have to be #6, cause there’s enough room in bed next to him for me!

  • Charlie

    I love Ross. He’s beautiful. He’s fun. BUT this Scruff campaign was completely excessive over-exposure. It was fine like the first three times. After about the eighth I was completely tired of looking at Ross.

    I also wanted some sort of link, some reason for this campaign. Maybe a website explaining why Ross and why we were being overexposed to him.

  • lion_king


    It depends where you’re using it. I’m away with work in Indonesia and have had some awful experiences on Scruff, with people who request you have ‘fun’ with them and when you politely decline they get abusive about looks, weight, the reasons why you’re online etc. It’s an alien concept here just to look around out of interest. You’re expected to want to have fun with anyone that suggests it. I’ve decided I’m not thick skinned enough to use Scruff in Indonesia.

    There are different levels of aggressiveness in different countries – this isn’t the only place where using Scruff gets you into a lot more uncomfortable conversations than you’d ever have to put up with in the UK, where I started using it.

    Sorry this doesn’t really follow the story of this thread…just wanted to air/vent.

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