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  • james p. p.

    pic #3 def. got a verbal “holy crap” out me…

  • edgyguy1426

    Judging by pic 2 he’s a vegetarian ;)

  • rayg

    ridiculously hot
    loved this set.

  • michael

    Maybe I am mistaken but was not this kid featured before on Queerty this year?

  • Jack

    @michael: Yup, we’ve had this guy here before…I saved a few of the photos the last time round!

  • allancsn

    Beautiful bad boy look. Yummy – ten years too young for me but bet he’s wild when aroused.

  • Jesse

    this is the explosion of beauty that happens just before you’ve left the twinkie out of the wrapper for too long.

  • Kelly Watson

    How could you forget you’ve had this delicious meal before? Someone is surely slipping. All the pics are the same and even the description of his love for caviar. Except last time his name was “Alexey Veter”.

  • Michael W.

    Beautiful. Makes up for today’s Morning Goods.

  • allancsn

    @ Michael W – racism is so f”c”””g unattractive –

  • galefan2004

    I think this might be the first time that QT actually put one of the best pictures first. However, they were all good. This dude is pretty hot.

  • Marius

    I don’t quite understand the hamster bowl, but the 1st two pictures are great. He looks like he could be a very kinky boy.

  • 7SK

    @allancsn: Why is he racist? He didn’t like the MG model’s face. Can people not have an opinion on a man’s looks simply because he is a “minority” (in quotes because I dislike the term)? Is it racist to think that Al Sharpton is unattractive?

    That being said, this one is just terminally cute. I may make a poster out of Pic #8.

  • TANK

    Yes, it is racist to think that al sharpton’s unattractive. Unless he makes an appearance in at least one or two of your fantasies alongside cedric the entertainer and the fat boys–you are a racist.

    This model is sooooooooo white hot….lol! but he’s a teeny tiny version of a man, i.e., short.

  • 7SK


    Yeah, no.

  • TANK


  • alan brickman

    this guy is hawt!! don’t be jealous…

  • TANK

    How can you not just want to lose yourself in the locks of his perm? Luscious locks? loosen that belt…it’s gonna be a bumpy ride with sharpton…

  • M Shane

    Doesn’t look that innocent to me! 1&2&10 are great and the handcuffs could be fun–great haunches. Other pictures look like he’s in a closet.

  • Lucky Luke

    Pic 2 is soooo good.

  • Steven

    @alan brickman:

    Well, I for one am massively jealous. This guy is too hot for my health!

  • M Shane

    It would be utterly cool if he likes to be tied up: just imagine cuffing him and ravaging that body. Bet that’s the wicked,sexy look in his eyes.

  • james

    I am at work and i just saw pic 12. lets just say i decided i needed to use the bathroom ;)

  • UWSguy

    Nice. at least he didn’t shave all of his legs.

    Is this site a shill for Gillete?

  • Greg

    Goodness! If every Twinkie looked like that, I’d eat the whole box (ahem).

  • ryrybbz

    Hi i’m nicola morison, a gay ginger willyface:). please like my hairy ginger cunt. ROBBIEBROWN<3!
    pic 2 soooooo beautiful!

  • Tommysole

    I wish I could see more of his feet, but from what I have seen……………it made me bark at the moon.

  • yaletownman

    He’s definitely hot or at least was. The pictures are ancient, really ancient.

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