PHOTOS: Rugby Lads Go Bare For UK Charity Sport Relief

Rugby is considered one of the roughest games in the world because players wear no padding or protective gear. Well some players didn’t even bother wearing their uniforms for a nude photo shoot raising awareness of a charity run.

Granted, Sainbury’s Sport Relief Mile was back in March but we only found out about it just recently. And honestly, do we really need a reason to show fit athletes in the altogether?

Players grinning and baring it include England internationals Sam Tomkins and Jon Wilkin, Leeds Rhinos star Kallum Watkins, and Jon Wilkins and Paul Wellens of St. Helens.

Good show lads!

Click through for more images from Sport Relief 2012

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  • The Real Mike in Asheville


  • damien

    Pic #5, guy in the middle… HELLO!!!

  • ousslander

    rugby guys are the hottest

  • Spike

    @ousslander: And they aren’t a bunch of homophobic assholes like the professional athletes in the US.

  • Codswallop

    Why is it that rugby players are willing to drop trou at the slightest provocation? “Rugby players nude” is almost redundant. Of COURSE they’re nude, they’re rugby players! Not that I’m complaining mind you, they also have some of the best bodies in sports.

  • larrce

    no thanks
    i’ll pass

  • Peter Fitz

    And all that Yummy Foreskin

  • infidel

    Pic5 two guys on the right.

  • J Stratford

    I guess I dont like rugby players////

  • randy117

    if the NYFD only did this!

  • James Woolmer

    Hockey has some pretty hot guys as well…..One hockey player from the Chicago Blackhawks actually went in the Gay Pride parade with the Stanley Cup They won that year!

  • John E.

    Ashamed to show their private parts That’s not issue these days FULL frontal nudity is best Yeah I agree with randy117 either the N.Y.P.D. or N.Y.F.D. either make a calendar Women can exposed themselves as they want. All nudity is a wonderful art and can be delightful treat. If you close to Sandy Hook NJ you’ll see a clothing optional beach in all sizes ethics It is wonderful and very friendly beach. It is Managed or controlled by Department of Interior So it is National PARK. Thank God!! Governor Chris Christie can NOT TOUCH.

  • barry holland

    pic 1…. the black guy….anyone know his name? now thats my type….sexy….

  • barry holland

    pic 1 guy on left (sexy black guy),anyone know his name? 0

  • brad

    They look like the alien Engineers from Prometheus, but less hot.

  • Karl

    seen better……..

  • Michael Preston

    Not ALL of them.. Never make a blanket statement about a group of people because 99.9% of the time…YOU’RE WRONG!!!

  • Javier Belasco

    Michael Preston –
    as a self confessed peodophile YOURE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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