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PHOTOS: RuPaul’s fracking fashions go viral on Gay Twitter

Category is: Environmentally harmful oil extraction.

Remember when RuPaul all but told NPR’s Terry Gross last month that he leases mineral rights for his Wyoming/South Dakota ranch to fracking companies?

Many listeners didn’t take the news lightly at the time, though one noted: “I love how RuPaul admitting to fracking is like, only the eighth craziest thing to happen today.”

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For what it’s worth, fracking has been harshly criticized for the amount of methane it releases into the atmosphere, the incredible amount of water needed for the process, and its tendency to then contaminate the groundwater. And scientists warn it may cause earthquakes — no big deal!

The topic has not died out on Twitter, and one new thread finds several of Ru’s iconic looks over the years tastefully matched to… fracking rigs.

It’s a fashion moment we never dreamed we’d have, but here it is.