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  • Bryan

    He always looks so unhappy.

  • ML

    He may be grumpy but he’s still a handsome man. Just think how much better he’d look with a smile on his face.

  • Jack

    He looks constipated o with an attack of hemorrhoids

  • MR

    Are you sure that’s even him? What has he done to his face? Too much plastic surgery/botox – he doesn’t even look like himself anymore. Shame, because he was so foxy in the ’90s.

  • Republican

    Wish he’d smile more. Life’s too short and beautiful to not smile.

    I think he looks just fine in the Abercrombie shirt. He wears it well, which is the important part.

  • Tommy

    I think Rupert looks fine. I’m proud of being a gay man, but one thing about the gay community that embarasses me is why do we always have to be such bitchy nasty queens and have a go at other people.
    We complain about straight people discriminating against us, but we can’t treat each other with dignity and respect.

  • La Belle Otero

    Sardine shoulders are never a good look with a T-shirt. That being said, I wish I looked half as good in a T-shirt. So I giveth with one hand and taketh away with the other.


    Are you kidding? He looks AMAZING. I too wish he would smile more, tho…I’ve seen him in bars in New York with the same expression. So it’s not just this particular moment with the camera shutter.

  • Meowzer

    He looks like the child that would be born between Frankenstein (from the nose up) and Ringo Starr (from the nose down). Shudder………

  • mark

    Umn how ’bout we ALL stop wearing Abercrombie, and start expressing ourselves again for the sake of the vibrancy of the queer community, I beg you – stop with the AB, AE, and Hollister at once!

  • joe

    Why is he alone?,a handsome man like that should have some bubble butt twink on his arm. I agree about the smiling. That puss doesnt do him any justice. But he’s still a hot looking guy.

  • Keirken


    I was just about to say. TONS of gay 50yos wear Abercrombie.

  • AlanInUtah

    He looks like he was just re-reincarnated from being a bulldog. What a grumpy bitch. He should be greatful for the success he has had and show it once in a while.

    fyi for those who bitch about gays not supporting other gays…

    All scenes, regarless of straight, bi, gay, etc… are all bitchy towards eachother. Its not just us gays. Spend some time in straight chat rooms and you’ll run into just as much, if not more cattiness.

  • BJ

    Just wondering, why shouldn’t anyone (in good shape) over fifty, or some other arbitrary age, wear Abercrombie? And, just what is the age cut-off for A&F? Will one (or more)of the gods on Mt. Homo please educate me. While you’re at it, what are the approved labels for fit men in their fifties? Thank God we don’t live in a plastic, superficial, judgmental, arrogant culture.

  • Tony

    Let’s see, according to the photos, he is paying some attention to the architectural detail on a building, sharing with a street musician, perusing a vintage livre, and taking a public taxi rather than a fancy limo — what a horrible man!

  • Wheaton

    I’m the same age as Rupert, well, he’s a few months older, and I am not full of myself, but I am in better physical shape, just from a devotion to working out. And I would never wear A&F because it’s age-inappropriate and sends the signal that one is trying too hard. With age comes confidence and that includes the ability to realize that you look ridiculous covered in a brand favored by 20-year-olds.

  • Mike

    Ageism is no more acceptable than homophobia.

  • jason

    The gay community is full of appearance fascists. We truly have lost the plot. We are NOT a movement based on open-mindedness, I’m afraid.

    We’ve become a community based on the need to have an orgasm with a person of a particular appearance. Sad, sad, sad.

  • Brian

    Forgive me, bitches, for saying something complimentary, but he does have a nice ass (#2). That said, I do think he could use a shampoo (#9). Sorry, that’s all the cattiness I can muster for the moment. On my way to work out. Saving my best bile for later tonight. Cheers!

  • Jack

    At least he’s not wearing sunglasses and earphones.

  • alan brickman

    still do him…

  • alan brickman

    he should bear out nice…

  • Fitz

    I think he looks good– yes, he says stupid things. Yes, A&F is very 8 years ago.

  • Will

    Without the Abercrombie wording, that’s really just a blue t-shirt.

    The puffiness seems to have deflated after that bout of surgery – less wrinkles but he lost some of his rugged handsomeness.

  • DeAnimator

    And the writers of this article didn’t get the memo about not being ageist.

  • robert in nyc

    He’s veryyyyy tall. I was dancing under the ball at roxy and you could see him clear across the club on the other side of the bar…

  • Kyle24

    I constantly hear gays criticize guys for being too old to wear certain clothes, but are gays to young to wear certain clothes. He looks good in the t-shirt. he’s in much better shape than guys half his age.

  • scott ny'er

    i don’t care what he wears.

    i just roll my eyes automatically at anyone who wears A&F. But if u want to wear it, so be it.

  • nikko

    He looks fantastic whatever his age. It just so happens that every pic of him has him looking grumpy!

  • Rikard

    I agree with BJ. What are the options? Keep sporting your “generation’s style” untill you look entirely foolish, or keep up with trends and be ridiculed over trying too hard?

  • DeAnimator

    You know…maybe he’s frowning because some fucking asshole is following him around while he’s trying to enjoy his day and snapping pictures of him? Star obsession is ridiculous. They’re just regular people.

  • rudy

    He seems to have a permanent scowl and the trim on his stache and bear only emphasize it.

  • Merv

    Even if there were such a rule about age and AF, wouldn’t it make an exception for what is essentially a plain T-shirt? There is nothing overly flashy, flamboyant, or age-inappropriate about the T-shirt, except for the silly “rule” against the words Abercrombie and Fitch.

  • Lex

    Wow what happened to his face?

  • Lex

    And I agree with everyone who said he’s too old to be wearing that. It’s like the 40 year old mom wearing her teenage daughter’s baby tees. Call it ageist all day long, it looks stupid.

  • kellyc01

    Everybody: Just Stop.

    Read No. 5 from Tommy. He’s right.

  • Anthony

    Many kids wear Abercrombie tees, but many look horrible in them, because they are fat! It’s not a question of age, it’s a question of body shape. This tee has been designed for people in good shape and Rupert looks fine in it…


    Leave Britn…er, I mean Rupert alone!!!

  • Cinci Chris

    Considering I know people who have worked in Abercrombie’s marketing department, it is definitely designed and marketed for teens and young adults. To me, seeing an adult wearing Abercrombie indicates they are trying too hard to look young and they’re not comfortable with their age. I’m only 22 and I think I’m too old for Abercrombie. It’s for mindless teens who need an easy way to fit in.

  • Casey

    I agree with Anthony. (and BJ, and Rikard, and DeAnimator)

    Besides, I’d take a good spanking from Rupert anytime!

  • Robert, NYC

    Tommy, I agree. I was walking through Greenwich Village this morning. I didn’t see too many people smiling either, staright or gay. Why do some gays keep getting on Rupert’s case, what has he done to them? Are they jealous or what? He’s a handsome, talented actor. I saw him recently on Broadway with Angela Lansbury in Blithe Spirit. Without him in the play, it would have been nothing, he was amazing.

    Another thing, it least he had the guts and courage to do what most gay actors don’t do, risking everything by coming out. That’s the problem with our community. If many of us had Rupert’s backbone, we wouldn’t have to fight as hard for equality, we’d have even more power and influence to get things done. I firmly believe there is strength in numbers.

  • Jazzlow

    50 years old and looking THAT good??? He can wear whatever the hell he wants, bitches!!!

  • Tylertime

    Seeing that A&F is a brand over a century old I would suggest that the people in their 20s are too young to be wearing it. the brand belonged to generations way before gen y. GAP is a much younger brand but you don’t hear people screaming “you’re too old to wear GAP.”

  • Pete

    What an ass-face. He doesn’t seem too happy to be in Italy. Boo hoo.

  • McShane

    @No. 6 · Tommy ; It occured to me today while on the bus how other minority groups support each other anfd give each other special attention and kindness; e.g. Afro-Americans are amazingly community minded. There may be some exceptions , but over all they bond.
    Gay people are just hateful to one another: I don’t know if thats self hatred projected or what. It doesn’t matter, because we will never have anything unless we start making a sense of community.
    I was reading today adout a U.K. base where they are having special Gay Partys. They’ve been part of the military for ten years.
    Here we’ll have nothing if we have to always foight each other and then the religious crazies too.

  • ryan

    Can we stop trying to bring each other down?

    We need each others support.

  • gomez

    he’s always sour, still handsome tho. and who cares if he’s fit enough to wear A&F. the t-shirt design is just weak, so what. wrong kicks for those jeans, tho. nice tush.

  • michael

    His body is better than most 30 year olds, at least in the U.S. so if they can wear it why can’t he? Also, most gays who wear Abercrombie are living some fantasy that if they look like the straight quarterback or rugby player they felt was better than them in high school that they will be acceptable. We are queers and we need to learn to love ourselves as who we are and stop striving to look straight.

  • mb00

    ooh, I thought he’d gotten his face done recently, guess not…but anyway, so what if he wears the gay “douche-bag” version of Ed Hardy, there are worse things he could be doing….like acting on film or making public statements for that matter.

  • alan brickman

    Gays and their ageism…wow …you don’t sound like bigots at all…

  • Hit It

    Wish he’d smile more. Life’s too short and beautiful to not smile.

    Then ask Queerty, et al, to published the photos of him smiling. Come on, the photographer caught the guy walking around alone on the street. Lookin’ fuckin’ hot, by the way.

  • GimmeABreak

    Rupert is a mean, bitter old man. I can’t understand why anyone would pay money to see him act in anything.

  • Ian

    Ummm, no one, and I mean NO ONE should be wearing A&F. Period.

    I don’t care if you’re 15 or 68, you should have some self respect and not wear something that was hot back in 1995.

  • allancsn

    Nice jeans showing his great arse – now girls should 50+ be wearing denim. mmmmm And sorry babes but nobody needs to be ruled by a marketing campaign – a well made tee shirt is just that. Just because A & F tell you only their door sluts look good in their clothes don’t make it so.Wear what ever you want whenever you want.
    And I’ve said it before don’t get so hung up on the age thing – a good looking man is a good looking man – is a good looking man. Don’t be so dismissive because of numbers.

  • marten

    Give Rupert a break.People age at different rates. Genetics cannot be helped, however, smoking sun exposure and partying
    also play abig part. I am guessing Rup has done his fair share of the later.Unfortunately plastic surgery, botox and the like
    are not very effective at repairing cellular damege, which is what causes the wrinkling and ageing you see in his face.

  • Chopsie

    You old bags can gripe all you want. I’ll still marry him!

  • Alleyne

    Did any of you ever think that he looks sour because some asshole photographer is following him around while he’s on vacation? If I were being stalked around Milan by some parasitic paparazzi I’d look like I just swallowed acid too.

  • jimsteele2008

    Sure, he’s a curmudgeon, but he’s a splendid actor and his body looks fantastic. I’m just glad he got his old face back. A photo of him a few weeks ago looked like he got a face lift.

  • vince

    yeeeey queerty is not only stupid and shallow now but also sprinkled with ageism!!!

    this is my last time here.

  • M Swan

    A&F sucks.

    Anyone who wears is has no right telling others what they cannot wear.

    It is just a stupid generic logo. You can put that logo on any shirt and nobody would know the difference.

    Queerty: Free of an agenda, except that negative one.

  • mm

    no, he has NO ass.

  • rhydderch

    @BJ: the cut off for abercrombie is last year of college and/or 25 years of age( gotta cut slack for grad school. if you’re in your 50s and hot and can do Armani, Boss and Calvin Klein. If you’re in your 50s and not hot you can do Tommy Bahama and Brooks Brothers.

  • maxdadmark

    And which empty-headed twink sent out the memo? As if we need approval to wear the sweatshop created crap that A&F peddles.

  • BritAus

    The CEO of Abercrombie Mike Jeffries, is now 68 and he wears his own label.

    @ mm sorry he DOES have an ass, I know because I’VE BEEN THERE, AND HE WAS FANTASTIC !


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