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    Anyone want to join me to burn some Elton John CDs??? literaly

  • Jack

    Repulsive. In every conceivable way.

  • christopher di spirito

    Aging, portly, artistically irrelevant.

    Elton just needs to stay in Vegas and perform his greatest hits from the 1970’s for the tour bus crowd.

  • Daveny

    Fuck you! Elton John! Smile away next to that asshole.

  • Sug Night

    Anything for a buck, that one. Total sellout.


    Like sucking the devils dick!

  • Sid

    If Elton gave a million of Rush’s money to a worthy gay cause, the joke would be on Rush. Or maybe Elton is just moved by Rush’s impressive four-times commitment to traditional opposite-marriage.

  • CJ

    Although I can strongly disagree with both of these guys at times, I appreciate their attempt to build bridges vs. increasing hatred and division. Obama attempted to do the same thing when he became President. But, partisanship, division, hatred, judgment, anger and bitterness – those are very big obstacles. And, he was met with much opposition from his own party and base for these attempts.

    Hate can go both ways. At some point people need to start looking for ways to mend fences, seek common ground, stop judging, forgive, etc. It won’t happen with everybody. There will always be people on both sides who refuse to budge. And, it won’t happen overnight. But, every process needs a beginning – and must begin with someone.

    Hopefully we’ll see more “opposites” coming together. If anything, maybe this will help those against gay rights see first hand the effects of discrimination when a friend of theirs is actually living with it.

  • biguy

    Fuck Rush Limbaugh

  • Sug Night

    There is not one shred of evidence that John has done anything with that million bucks except pad his own bank account (care and feeding of that weave is bound to be expensive!), so excuses that the money will go to a gay organization or gay causes are completely baseless.

    Had he turned around and donated the money, or even ten percent of it, to Marriage Equality, then it would be a total fuck you to Limburger and company. However, he did no such thing.

    You’re right, Obama has proven that the spirit of bipartisanship and reaching out a friendly hand to the opposition usually gets you nothing but heartache and teeth marks.

  • Stephen Murray

    Rush Limbaugh is a despicable homophobe. We all knew that.

    Elton John is a repellent sellout, who has no problem pocketing the proceeds of homophobia./#

    He is truly disgusting.

  • Eminent Victorian

    @Stephen Murray: Well said, and I absolutely agree. In accepting this gig, Elton John pocketed the proceeds of homophobia. How on earth is that in any way building bridges? It isn’t. It’s just lining the pockets of a gasbag has-been. It would be appalling if Mr. John were in any way artistically or socially relevant anymore, which he is not, so it’s merely lame & gross.

  • CJ

    Elton won’t donate to a gay “marriage” fund. He believes in civil unions – like Rush, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Biden, John Edwards, George Bush, etc. Most of these individuals do not support “gay marriage” per se.

    Laura Bush, Cindy McCain, Elizabeth Edwards, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton and Schwarzenegger are (now) supporters of full MARRIAGE equality.

    How ironic to see various names alongside others!!

  • Kane

    I’ll never be able to listen to “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” the same way again.

  • adman

    I remember when I was a kid, Elton John tried to play the “bisexual” card over and over again….Just another indicator of his self hate for the inevitable profit motive strategy. Is this shtick tired enough already? We know it makes money, we know the straights eat it up because their privilege over us is met with zero need for compromise, But can you give it a rest that you are selling the diversity of the human sexual spectrum by including this Queerty? It is really so tired, gay con artist “fleeces” straight mark for millions by kowtowing for his inevitable degradation, we got it. Elton’s no hero to the LGBT community, check. Can we move on to some stories of people who get it now? Please?

  • Pip

    hopefully he’s paying the wife too.

  • Jon Whitford

    i’ve changed more minds by entering lives than ignoring them. Kudos to Elton. It’s a risk that will probably backfire, but if it even pushes Rush in our direction one centimeter, than maybe it was worth it.

  • Jayson

    That big fat sissy…and I don’t mean Elton.


    @Jayson: ~LOL~ Excellent!

    There have been rumors for a zillion years that Rush Windbag is a deeply closeted big Homo. Supposdly likes thin Hispanic guys. Has them sign iron clad disclorure agreements and pays them a silly amount of cash so they would never jeaprodize the gig anyway…………..Kinda sorta makes sense. He never photographed with any of his 4 wives, travels alone, and met his 2 of his wives thru “internet dating services”…………

  • Sug Night

    God PLEASE do not let him be gay…..we don’t want the pig!

  • Jurlesia

    Elton John’s like “Why should want gay marriage?? I would have had to give 1/2 of that million to my boy toy once he grows too old to get hard fuck f*ck me up my lose arse”

  • Stephen Murray

    Elton John has a deep respect for the institution of marriage.

    So much so that he married the female Renate Blauel while wallowing in his self created closet.

    It’s only those pesky gays who shouldn’t be allowed to get married according to Elton.

  • CJ

    Talk about intolerance and hatred. The above posts are vicious.

    In regards to Elton’s past bisexuality or closeted confusion, I haven’t met many gay men over 40 that didn’t go through similar challenges. Give him a break. Each person has their own “coming out” and growing up story. It’s not like “coming out” 15 or 20 years ago was an easy thing for anyone. We all have our issues. I may disagree with him on several things. And, I may not even care for his music that much. But, I won’t sit back and vilify him — something that is apparently the “in” thing to do right now.

  • Stephen Murray

    But CJ – Elton John is taking a big wodge of cash from a homophobic bigot who engages in hatespeech against us on a regular basis.

    Respect needs to be earned through words and deeds.

    Elton John opposes marriage equality and whores himself out to homophobic bigots for cash.

    That it utterly revolting and inexcusable behaviour.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @biguy: Not if you paid me twice what Reginald Dwight got to warble at that sham “marriage”.

    He needs to go back in the closet. Maybe he can squeeze in next to that other 70s Vegas-bait man-diva, Barry Manilow.

  • Stephen Murray

    Barry Manilow may be a closet case but at least he doesn’t speak out against LGBT equality and whore himself out to bigots for cash. Elton John does. Elton John’s behaviour is more appalling in my opinion.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Stephen Murray: Anyone who is in the closet hurts himself and sends the message that homosexuality is something that needs to be hidden from view.

    Sean Hayes allowed his gay ass to be stereotyped for profit on a horrible NBC whiny-white-New-Yorkers sitcom for eight years, coming out four years after its cancellation as he stars in the revival of a Broadway show where he plays a heterosexual, and taking a snotty attitude towards the whole thing. And don’t get me started on Richard Simmons or so many members of those awful boy bands.

  • Joe Baron

    Sure seems fishy…these two must be on someone’s payroll. Who knows, they may even get their checks from the same offshore source! Given that everything they do influences something somewhere, they (knowing this) may have some reason beyond the paltry one million dollars to be seen together, especially by so many. So, what is the message, let east meet west? Maybe one of their bosses wanted a laugh and paired these cods for this (media)event, perhaps to test how alert we all still are (no, the mind dereliction agents haven’t worked completely yet). Or, just maybe, Elton John really is that greedy (for publicity and bucks). Enjoyed the comments here. At least everyone is thinking. For those who think these two are legit, just for a moment, ignore their considerable talent and only observe their words and actions, not the delivery. Last of all, as an American, I am ashamed of so much absolute crud that comes out of here. To my fellow-brothers and sisters overseas I apologize for my part in putting up with these impostors that have seized control of our government.

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