PHOTOS: Same-Sex Wedding Nearly Breaks World Record At World Pride


An astonishing 110 couples turned out to put a ring on it in Toronto during a mass same-sex wedding.

Part of 2014 World Pride, the event took place at the stately castle, Casa Loma, where there was fuchsia Catholic realness to officiate. From hubbies in standard issue tuxes to paisley shirt twins to a  Justin Bieber baby butch dyke-and-femme-girlfriend, the couples’ styles were diverse to say the least.

While the event didn’t quite hit the 200-couples world record status, there was loads of lovin’ joy going on – and isn’t that what matters most?

Peruse through pics of the happy couples, officiators and magical moments…

IMG_6675 IMG_6687 IMG_6690 IMG_6691 IMG_6693 IMG_6695 IMG_6696 IMG_6698 IMG_6699 IMG_6701  IMG_6707 IMG_6713 IMG_6717 IMG_6719 IMG_6722 IMG_6723 IMG_6724 IMG_6741 IMG_6743 IMG_6746 IMG_6749 IMG_6750


Photos credit Lawrence Ferber


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