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PHOTOS: San Francisco’s Blow Up Party Goes Out With A Bang

Friday the 13th typically conjures images of a machete yielding man in a hockey mask. But this Friday the 13th, at San Francisco’s D.N.A. Lounge, was thankfully more about  club kids and go-go pharaohs. The closing night of the great pansexual Blow Up party took us back stylistically to the ancient Egyptians and turned D.N.A  into a sea of shimmering gold suited for the queens of the land. From gold lipstick to gold jackets and skivvies, Blow Up was destined to be carved into the stone of memory and remembered for ages.

After all, who could forget DJ Jeffrey Paradise carrying around a skull for the requisite mummy reference and a few giggles ?

Blow Up, always good for an outlandish costume and a laugh, was saying goodbye. But like all SF parties, it  is sure to resurface in a new form some time or another.

But to remember the glory days, give yourself over to the Pharaohness that was Blow Up at D.N.A Lounge.

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photos by Attic Floc