PHOTOS: San Francisco’s “Up Your Alley” Street Fair Makes Folsom Look Tame

Btk52MfCIAA1L9rThis weekend San Francisco played Master to its annual “Up Your Alley” festival. If you thought Folsom was intense, this outdoor display of everything from leather to downright nudity tops it year after year.

Flip through our exclusive hand-picked gallery, RSVP to the upcoming Folsom, and see how pictures from last year compare for kinkiness…

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  • Teeth

    Nothing says “equal rights” like a slave harness. Loosers.

  • DerekR

    Um what exactly is a slave harness?

    Relating equal right to what someone chooses to wear is beyond ridiculous and simply put-stupid.

    If you are going to tear someone down at least learn how to [email protected] spell L-O-S-E-R.

  • jantheman

    and this is why people call me a pervert in omaha..thank you. just take piss play inside is what i am saying..

  • DarkZephyr

    @Teeth: The leather scene is celebrated by heterosexuals as well. I would hope that intelligent people would understand that this is not a “gay thing” but a “leather thing” and not associate it solely with LGBT people. That being said, if people want to be free to like dressing up in leather straps, why should any of us judge them? I am not into BDSM but I do think the leather look is hot.

    @jantheman: I looked through the full gallery for instances of outside “piss play” and I couldn’t see any. I just saw people dressed in leather, latex or fur.

    Anyway, I’ll take the guy in the back & white photo. <3

  • vive

    Oh my god, that guy in the harness is the HOTTEST picture you EVER published. And I’m not even really into leather.

  • vive

    @Teeth, @jantheman, I have news for you. For the bigots there is no difference between public bondage and your having sex with your boyfriend in your house.

    You cannot live your life on eggshells concerned about what conservatives are going to think of you based on what you or other gay people are doing. Is living on eggshells freedom? Is worrying about how the existence of leather guys or drag queens will affect what people will think of you liberation?

  • Bopper1

    …as long as nobody gets hurt and they don’t scare the horses, good for them…guy in harness IS hot, jeez…

  • Bopper1

    …ps…conservatives WISH they were having this much fun…

  • friscoguy

    MMM there are some real hot men in those photos and esp the main b&w pic fuck he is cute. Only problem I live in SF and the hot guys that go to these events seem to disappear when the event is over I never see them otherwise.

  • Nowuvedoneit

    @Bopper1: Wasn’t there a study few years back that conservatives had very active sex lives? Anyways I wouldn’t doubt that Rush Limbaugh would be into BDSM.

  • vive

    @friscoguy, probably because lot of guys travel to these events from all over. Maybe if SF were less expensive they could still afford to live there. Which brings us to the other item today on whether it is a good thing that gays are getting pushed out of our erstwhile neighborhoods, if not entire cities as in this case. :)

  • masc4masc

    I’d like to be up his alley (if he’s clean).

  • capsule


  • Mike

    Um ya, sadly most of the “leather-guys” in my city look NOTHING like the guy in the harness

  • michael mellor

    You have to wonder about the unhealthy aspects of the leather lifestyle. Also, it’s quite obnoxious to wear leather for vanity’s sake.

  • QJ201

    I prefer my sex without costumes and toys, too complicated.

  • RIGay

    @QJ201 – I have to concur; that whole “Let’s play dress-up then fuck” is just, well… tragic.

  • vive

    @RIGay, @QJ201, some would find your lack of imagination tragic. I am not a leather guy by any means, and I don’t like a script or instructions during sex (do this, do that, rougher – no thank you, that’s taking the fun out of it for me). But clothed sex can be hot, sex in suits is hot, and I’ll take that boy in the harness just the way he is. Don’t change anything!

  • Modernheretic

    Whats creative about being yet another castro clone? To each is own but the truth is that all this fetish BS comes from darker days, when self loathing gays had to hide and be what society said they already were. Most of these creeps are hoes and positive. So yea, too each is own.

  • friscoguy

    @vive: I find her ignorant judgmental attitude tragic.

  • friscoguy

    I just showed the pic of the cutie in the harness to a friend the guy is a model for one of the SF based porn companies.

  • justaj

    @friscoguy: what company would that be? For science of course…

  • Geeker

    Just another form of drag.

  • ethan_hines

    This is a part of the Gay Culture that we have to grow out of if we are ever going to be given the respect we deserve.

  • michael mellor

    Some of the leather guys are paid hacks.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    I posted the image of the hot man in a leather harness. Queerty placed it on the front page. Thanks! I guess people really check out my Twitter page.

  • Bopper1

    @Nowuvedoneit: …every conservative I’ve ever met was a closet sex junkie…the difference is that they all feel bad about it…

  • seaguy

    @Teeth: Learn how to spell losers dude, and if you don’t like it then you don’t have to go. Last I checked this was a free country.

  • seaguy

    @michael mellor: What do you mean by that? There are porn guys who are paid to be there to promote whatever studio or business thats well known.

  • seaguy

    @jantheman: Well people in Omaha are pretty closed minded. I’m sure shirtless men cause an uproar in the town square there.

  • seaguy

    @ethan_hines: No its people like you who need to change. This is america a free country we do not all have to be the same as straight people living in the burbs with a white picket fence. No one is forcing this on anyone. Your vision of a gay stepford sucks.

  • jantheman

    @seaguy: no people in omaha are not..yes more conservative..but not closeminded. btw some of these fairs take place under/go past apartment buildings..with children. i am not a prude . just take it a space. and again..these displays will be on the news representing EVERYONE..that is a given,sadly.

  • jantheman

    @vive: eggshells? pfft. i don’t worry about that. and it is not the existance of anyone i object to. illegal acts in public,i do.

  • frshmn

    What makes San Francisco awesome is the live and let live attitude of the city and it’s residents. Sad to see people so close minded and judgmental of other people who aren’t affecting them. Who cares if they’re “hoes and positive”, no one is making you take part or have sex with them. Trying to shame people for their sexuality or hiv status just makes you look like a jerk.

  • vive

    @jantheman, “it is not the existance of anyone i object to. illegal acts in public,i do.”

    Oh that, then you can stop worrying and objecting. This is not illegal where they are having this event.

  • Kangol

    Looks like fun, good for them!

  • Modernheretic

    @frshmn: Go ahead, get whipped and shove fists in your butts, lick your boots, no one cares. Just dont expect any sympathy for the outcome of your irresponsible actions. Its clearly obvious none of these creeps are happy, and that should have been your first clue to becoming yet another stereotypical gay statistic.

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