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  • Dick

    Ah, picture 17. The infamous “ball out” shot.

  • BK

    That’s the worst “pun” Morning Goods has ever had.

  • Ken S

    I’ve been heels-over-head for him ever since Latter Days. #15 has done several tours of duty as my desktop background :)

  • David

    The potential sexiness of #17 (and #7) was completely ruined by the cigarette in his mouth. That’s always been an instant turn-off for me.

  • Drew

    Agree with the gents ahead of me — sexy and cute! The pics of him commando are big, BIG turn-on for me!!!

  • L.

    @BK: I submit for your appreciation: “Olli Olli Oxen free” (?), “More money Mauro problems”, “Son of a Mitch”, “Walker, sexes ranger”, “Lucho va voom” (?), “Brent out of shape”, “Another round of Caprainhas”, “Emanual-M-N-O-P”, “Hurry up and Thwaites”, “Grah food diet”, “Anatoli’s Anatomy”, “Folz me once”, “Stelios doesn’t rust”, and – last but not least – “What’s that Rotters smell”.

    All from the last three months. So I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m saying the judges will have a really hard one deciding.

  • L.

    (And, time was, Morning Goods had galleries and no puns. Ah!, progress!)

  • DBB

    I can never get enough of Steven Sandvoss


    He looks great in these pics, only prob is they are most likely from when the movie was shot (2003) He definatley has aged a bit since they were shot……

    And if you haven’t seen Latter Days definatley give it a view. He is hawt his BF is really hawt, and it is a huge Fcuk U to the Moron Church. The next to last scene in the restaurant is a box ‘o kleenex tearjerker heartwarmin’ scene…………..

  • Mark Alexander

    He was poised to be “the next big thing” after Latter Days, and yet his career fizzled. Hugely popular among us gays, I can’t help but think that his continued shreaking, “But I’m not REALLY gay!” didn’t really help his career…

  • concernedcitizen

    Great pic Queerty this one is beauty and brains (he’s a harvard graduate)

  • Cam

    @Mark Alexander:

    Hi Mark, yeah, I heard about that too. The funny thing was, the last thing I saw him in was a movie where he played a “Striaght” guy who turned out to have a crush on his other “Straight” best friend. He was just a small part in it, and the biggest name was Tori Spelling. So his career does seem to have stalled.

    A shame, he was great in Latter Days.

  • Tangelo

    I love 21. I would love to run and jump into bed tackling him and nuzzle/cuddle for the rest of the day. SO FRICKIN CUTE.

    Latter Days is one of my favorite Gay Movies. The ending makes me cry everytime. Heck, I am tearing up now just thinking of it. Happy endings are so rare in Gay Movies.


  • Miles

    Any ass shots?

  • EdWoody

    Old old pics, but always welcome. Although I could do without the smoking one.

  • Rick Brannon

    I feel like I need to buy him a sandwich.

  • notreallyhere247

    he has a good body but he needs to smile more. he has a cute smile. also smoking is a huge turn off so those pics are out.

  • scott ny'er

    @Mark Alexander: I’m just putting this out there. But maybe he is typecast and thus can’t get a job because he “played” gay.

  • L.

    @Cam: If you’re in a movie and *Tori Spelling* is a bigger name than you, I’m afraid “stalled” doesn’t begin to describe what your career is doing :)

    (Too bad, as well, in this case.)

  • alan brickman

    super sexy…don’t hate him….jealous!!!

  • Jeff K.

    Very sexy guy, but thumbs down for #17 trying to make cancer sticks look good.

  • Rikard

    no more clicks for smoking Queerty. you show me a boy smoking, i exit your site.

  • pete

    I just don’t get it. I think he looks skanky and dirty. And the smoking!!??

  • Sexy Rexy

    @BK: What, you expected them to improve?

    I think they actually get off trying to come up with shitty puns and wordplays for their photo essays.

    This guy is bland as shit. And I was not impressed with “Latter Days” either.

  • declanto

    @alan brickman: Do you have that comment in ctrl+c?

  • L.

    @declanto: Of course he does. Mind you, there’s one variation with “get to the gym fatties” or something to that effect that he hasn’t used for some time. Maybe his clipboard got, er, clipped.

  • Giovannidude

    Maybe I’m in the minority with this opinion, but this guy really turns me on with his wholesomeness and likeability.

    That he is also smart enough to maintain an intelligent conversation is a plus.

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