Santa haus

PHOTOS: Has Santa been naughty or nice?


So if Santa gets to decide who’s been naughty or nice all year, who is supposed to keep him in check?

It’s up to all of us to return the favor. And Santa, you’ve been quite naughty if we’re to judge by these compromising photos culled from from the decked halls of Instagram.

The North Pole’s #1 daddy has been busy.

He’s decking the heels:

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And isn’t riding solo this year:

All Santa really wants for xmas this year is to get those braces off:

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So he can get back to doing this:

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And this:

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So many laps, so little time:

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Come to think of it, we saw the same thing:

Why Santas, what big canes you have:

Talk about a wish list:

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Kidding aside, this is one evil looking Santa — definitely not nice:

We’ve got the cocoa if you’ve got the chimney:

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Camel toe Santa is into bears:

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Instead of a happy trail, he’s got a merry trail:

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Santa dons his gay apparel:

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Merry xmas to all!

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