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PHOTOS: Santas in Skivvies Spread Holiday Joy in the Castro

Nothing says holiday season like half-naked men in red briefs skipping through the Castro spreading joy from cheek to cheek. This Sunday, San Francisco’s longstanding tradition of religious irrelevance continued. And this time it was all for a good cause.

The Santa Skivvies Run is an annual fundraiser for HIV prevention as part of the SF AIDS Foundation’s Greater Than One program. The race began at the LookOut and went all around the gayborhood continuing around Dolores Park. Due to the chilly, overcast weather, Santas’ packages were noticeably smaller than last year. Luckily our GayCities photographer captured all the Santalicious action.

Photos courtesy of Allen Jordan.

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  • ewe

    Far left side holding the candy cane in Photo number 18. Woof!!!

  • ponies!!!!!!!

    i call dibs on the hot santa on the left in picture 8! **drool** :D

  • bagooka

    Wow what hotties.

  • Ohhhhhhh no.

    Why is it always the disaster areas who want to disrobe.

  • txstevo

    One cute one in the whole bunch

  • Spike

    Pic #8, cute asian alert !!!

  • Tony

    Bah Humbug to you, #4 and #5. Nothing’s sexier than a smile.

    Happy people in underwear having fun. What could possibly be your problem? I even enjoyed looking at the girls (the real ones, with boobies).

    Life is not an A&F catalogue.

  • hohoho

    it was really cold that day….

  • Doug

    #6 love both Santa’s, especially the tall drink of water…..

  • Mark Earnshaw

    Heh, hats off to the good folk that bared all (Near enough) for this event. I’ll have to see if there is one near me in the UK (Gay / strait / bi, count me in!), but with temperatures being close to zero, I’ll end up with an inch and 9 wrinkles :D

  • Shannon1981

    My gf and I are moving to the Castro after taxes come! WOOHOOO! Now we need lovely lesbians in santa suits too!

  • CBRad

    @Shannon1981: Oh…good luck, Shannon !

  • Mike

    I want the one on the far right in the first photo. Gimme yo numba, boo!

  • BillCooney

    @Shannon1981: Once knew 2 lesbians who lived on “Beaver Street” in the late 70’s.

  • BillCooney

    @Shannon1981: Once knew two lesbians who lived on “Beaver Street” in the late 70’s.

  • BillCooney

    Once knew two lesbians who lived on “Beaver Street” in the late 70’s!

  • BillCooney

    Tanning salons!

  • DVD to iPod giveaway

    they are so cute,in my opinion they are a group of crazy old man.

  • John Falcon

    Please remember that EVERYONE there was sexy because they raised over $27,000 for much needed AIDS Foundation’s Programs and Services, and purposely helped cause enough attention to get strangers to ask about the event…more awareness.
    Any verbal haters on this thread may not understand what this event was about, were probably still thinking about getting out of bed, or making hungover brunch plans.

    It takes all kinds to make our community.
    Love all of them. Even the crazy ones running around in red Skivvies on an extremely cold day.

  • Jazzy

    Male hottie alert on far right! He is having a great time, supporting a great cause and looking good while doing it!

  • Bryan

    Awww pic #13 is cute.

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