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PHOTOS: Say hello to the smoking hot UPS driver driving New Yorkers wild

Waiting for a package to arrive can bring a certain excited anticipation, but it’s the person carrying those boxes who’s causing Soho residents’ hearts to skip a beat.

UPS driver Anthony Lupi was once the neighborhood’s best-kept secret, but a recent profile in the NY Post has delivered him to a whole new audience.

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The 28-year-old former model covers a 5-block route, and when he gets temporarily reassigned, residents and business owners have called the company to complain.

“We want Anthony and no one else,” said one art gallery owner. “Not only is he super cute and charming, but he always goes the extra mile.”

“Oh yeah, he’s a good asset for UPS,” a saleswoman for a popular retailer said.

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Lupi tells the Post it’s not unusual for him to get asked out during his workday, to the tune of around 10 propositions a week.

“Once, a 98-year-old woman asked me out on a date,” he said. “She said, ‘You’re such a handsome young man, I wish there were more like you when I was young.’?”

Hey, we can’t blame her.

For several more glamour shots of Lupi in uniform, head here.