PHOTOS: Say Hello To Taiwan’s “Hottest Bean Curd Seller”

1434555325-804928910Meet Chen Yitin, Taiwan’s latest internet superstar. The 26-year-old has been deemed the “hottest bean curd seller” in the country, the Daily Mail reports.

Yitin works a stall in the Beitou district of Taipei called “Most Traditional Bean Curd Flower.” The stall belongs to his godfather and it specializes in Chinese pudding made of soft tofu drenched in sugar syrup.

While the homemade pudding sounds delicious, it’s not the tofu customers seem to want.

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In addition to serving up empty calories, Yitin moonlights as a model. Photos appeared on this Chinese-language blog and have since been shared online tens of thousands of times.

Yitin hopes this is his ticket out of his godfather’s pudding shop.

Several other good-looking market workers have found success in modeling on the Chinese mainland after photographs of them were posted online, including a policeman mobbed by female admirers and a 21-year-old bus driver deemed the “most handsome bus conductor ever” after photos made the viral rounds.

At any rate, Daily Mail reports that “Women have been queuing up to get a glimpse” of Yitin. We’re pretty sure men are doing the same.

Scroll down for photos of Yitin working hard for the money at his godfather’s pudding shop…