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  • hephaestion

    That video clip starts up and at the bottom of the clip is an ad for a site where you can find out if your husband is gay. Hmmm….

  • terrwill

    I am sorry but the ultra orthodox jews are some of the most reprehensible scumbags ever to populate the Earth. Jews are probably the single group unfairly singled out for persecution in the history of mankind. They were slaughtered by the nazis simply because of being Jews. The same as the Gays in Nazi Germany simply because they were Gay. One would think that the ultra orthodox would have a respect for a group who have been persecuted for no other reason than being different from the majority. Not so, orthodox jews have been on the forefront of some of the most vile attacks on gays. During the Gay rights measure in NYC in the 80’s the orthodox jews were spewing some of the most vile hatred against Gays. When an AIDS patient was testifying the jews were laughing and making comments that “the gays deserved to die from AIDS”. Make a commment stating that they “deserved to be killed by the Nazis” and see their reaction……….

  • Matt


    Saying that “ultra orthodox jews are some of the most reprehensible scumbags” is just as bigoted as anything that ultra-Orthodox Jews can say about queerfolk. Yes, a lot of them are total homophobes. But there’s a significant amount of queer Orthodox Jews, even ultra-Orthodox Jews, both in the closet and not-so-in. When one person does something psychotic and f-ed up like this, it’s easy to go after the whole culture. But saying bigoted things about an entire ethnic group — no matter what the group is — is just wrong.

  • terrwill

    MATT…OK I will not be like the majority of the BBs (bitter bitches) here and start a pissin’match with you. You are correct. I am sure there are some who are not as described. So I ammend my post: The majority of ultra orthodox jews I have seen and heard in relation to any GLB issues are some of the most reprehensive scumbags ever to populate the human race! And you know what would really get their payess’ all twisted??? I sometimes am in Williamsburg Brooklyn, a major ultra orthodox enclave. And some of those guys are hot!!!!!

  • Trevor - Canada

    I can’t believe that in 2009 this is still happening (I know it is happening..but can’t beleive it).

    My heart goes out to the friends and family of the dead and injured.

    I hope they catch this guy and he gets what he deserves.

  • Brian


  • jom

    for the first time i agree with the orthodox jews.these disgisting sodomites are a threat to the world.these lesbo dykes creating babys from bought sperm.i hope a plague quicker than aids(maybe mrsa)punishes these sodomites before we all pay with the wrath of mother nature.

  • smEddeks to take huge discount
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