PHOTOS: Sebastian Stan, AKA Marvel Universe’s “Bucky,” Unleashes Super Assets


Fans of the Marvel Universe (and who isn’t at this point?) will be quick to expound on the gay love story of Captain America and sidekick Bucky Barnes.


Even the co-director of the upcoming Captain America: Civil War is in on it, saying recently: “What’s fascinating about the Cap-Bucky story as well is it’s a love story.”

Romanian-American actor Sebastian Stan plays the part, and it’s easy to see why that Steve Rogers is so smitten.


Stan won us over in The Covenant, the 2006 terrible-but-totally-awesome male version of The Craft:


Here’s Stan in the TV show Political Animals showing off his full acting range:


Our friends at OMG got a hold of some stills from another project of Stan’s — The Bronze — in which the actor reveals what’s going on behind the scenes.

Click here for the mildly NSFW shots of what the Cap’n is tapping.