PHOTOS: Seeing Red With Gay Days at Disneyland

On the Kinsey Scale of theme parks, Disney ranks right up there at a six. (Six Flags, ironically, is a one.) It’s not unusual to see a gaggle of gays strolling about on any given Saturday afternoon, but this past weekend was the massive annual flocking of Gay Days.

By one organizer’s account, there were 40, 000 (!) LGBT celebrants at the parks and resort this week. Here are just a few of their lovely faces.


Are these the best hats in all of Disneyland? Yes, yes they are.


Is that a pinup girl in a Prince logo? Well done, madam.


Awwwww, boys in love. Of course, this adorable gimmick becomes instantly awkward the moment they stand on the wrong side of each other.



This group had a marvelous assortment of bedazzled t-shirts. Of note: a scientifically accurate Sebastian the Crab.


And here are some Mighty Morphin Power Gay Boys.


Your majesty, there are bears at the castle gates.


These ladies were lounging in the shade, waiting for the Soundsational parade to start. They are also apparently visitors from the past.


The nice thing about two Disney fans falling in love is that it doubles the size of their pin collection.


Raaaaar! A bunch of gays bare their claws. Look close and you may spot The Tester‘s Matt Brown.


Get ready for a sextuple of woofs.


Another visitor from the past! The vintage shirt on the right is a reminder of how far Gay Days has grown, from a small group of friends 25 years ago to a one-day festival at the turn of the century to a weekend-long extravaganza today.


We have nothing to say about this group except why are you wearing pants.


Best shirts in the park? Very possibly. Lesbians always seem to have the best slogans, and now even their ally-friends are getting in on the act.