PHOTOS: Sexiest Of The Sexiest Santa Skivvies Runs


Look at what Santa left you under the tree: the best of the best pics from Santa Skivvies Runs of 2013. Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy this holiday feast for the eyes!

Scroll down for your Christmas treats…

Boston Speedo Run

IMG_0447-768x1024 IMG_0601-1024x768 rs_293x356-131216103749-BbedV3kIUAABQz1 rs_293x391-131216103747-BbOYlChCYAEpt4M rs_600x600-131216103245-600.speedo-santaTampa Speedo Run977108_482810065171045_1637263564_o-366x550 1397309_482750671843651_1005190738_o-550x366 1398307_482749511843767_1428741842_o-366x550 1399369_482810298504355_792842150_o-366x550 1400383_482749211843797_325641368_o-550x366 1404761_482750561843662_5512131_o-366x550 1425278_482751445176907_1738861896_o-366x550 1487744_482749221843796_55898122_o-366x550San Francisco Speedo Run_DSC7694 _DSC8097 _DSC8135 ABfqVv4IpQ48X977jarn9q1c65pu8vtZYpKyt0YZfmQ,tvXjMQGCIXw5EW9iAyfmF2QP3VU6TOnaZRz5dOLY3S4 iKRFXw3y7bA2K1iA3bzgQoRte9CQsUkFf2aVefzBtiI,2P0ViBF2dVLGebxIQ0zfpZwX1LDrCjJbg7U-faGw4h4 Or8SW60D5YocRg9nRYnO7MGKQV3hvkMvK1kbcWhZ82s,mAg0kWt83xWABLCV6T4hcr-lwpXSEdHCLDJ_NcMmAsY UKj8EFBVY3N15TmCOge_wEX5eji7EG9qLuWcVigSpxY,OJGNT5gqAihUuPj5RhGG81eBgLLQmcCZ-r75DStqIyoChicago Speedo Runsantaspeedorungaymenswinsuits IMG_0623 IMG_0540 IMG_0535 Toronto Speedo Run




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  • KittyLitter

    Only four qualify as sexy in my book. :?

  • balehead

    This is a charity event….stop trying to make everything about gay separatism…

  • ncman

    I’ll take the two furry ones in the red pajamas with the bears on them.

  • viveutvivas

    @KittyLitter, in mine too. I wonder if it’s the same 4. :)

  • lucindamattingly

    my Aunty Alyssa recently got gold Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid Sedan just by parttime work from a macbook. hop over to this website…

  • Mr. E. Jones



    You finally spelled the word correctly, balehead. Congratulations!

  • balehead

    I love how Queerty always flags my comments while the gays who spew their insecurities about the morning goods guys always get a pass…interesting…

  • Spike

    You can’t be serious, are there no pictures of Tom Daley in a red speedo that could have been included???

  • Franklin

    It’s very telling that nobody on this board is claiming that this speedo run in inappropriate like they did with the Prancing elites.

  • hudson

    happy day-after CHristmas everyone. my only beef is with the single shot of Toronto. It was snowing for Gawd’s sake. they deserve more than a single, no snowy pic! And lots of hotties in the mix too! Otherwise, a GREAT spread and a wonderful effort by everyone involved.


  • Teleny

    The guy in pic #4!!!!!

  • Eric Auerbach

    Ugh. None of that is attractive.

  • viveutvivas

    I agree the guy in pic 4 has the hunkiest body.

  • startenout

    @hudson: I agree, especially since Toronto appears to be the only place where even one black guy ran. On the plus side, I do appreciate that they at least featured a couple of handsome Asian men. And now back to our regularly schedule white and sorta-Hispanic-but-not-dangerously-so programming.

  • viveutvivas

    @startenouot, I agree. Actually white hispanics are white (as they will tell you if you ask them) – they don’t count for the purpose of showing racial diversity.

    But then, similar accusations can be made of body fascism in the selection of the pictures. I have a pretty good body so I don’t say that out of jealousy, I am just flabbergasted at how unrepresentative the pictures are of the way gay people actually look in Boston. :)

  • viveutvivas

    (Referring to the Boston pic, that is. Others may judge for themselves regarding representativeness in other cities.)

  • Teleny

    @Franklin: I posted in hat thread that I thought the Prancing Elite are “Fierce.” I think I also said if people were watching the Elite on a tv competition there would be no issue.

  • Teleny

    @viveutvivas: he’s pretty darn hot. My “type” indeed! He could be my next husband. :).

    To the critics of this thread, i see a lot of cute guys in this thread-not model types just fit & handsome men.

  • ShowMeGuy

    Obviously, I’m not pretty enough to live in a city.

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